Stolen Vengeance- An Excerpt By Dianna Love

Blog Diva - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

“If you need another favor, Dingo Paddock, the answer is no.” Valene’s words held enough edge to cut through the tension crowding the air. “I’m busy and I don’t have time for any of this, this ... whatever it is you’re here for.”

“I know you’re busy and I just need to talk to you,” he repeated gently. He couldn’t get past just taking her in. How many days and long nights had he imagined being this close to her again?

She was the sexiest thing he’d ever known.

One of her smiles would be worth the punishment he’d put his body through since yesterday to get here, just to see her alive and safe. He knew every inch of the beautiful body hidden inside that black-on-black mandarin style suit.

Damn. If he didn’t stop thinking about her sans the suit, he wouldn’t be able to walk.  Read More

Marsha R. West - An Interview

Blog Diva - Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Have you always gravitated towards being an author?
The short answer is probably, “No.” Have I always used my imagination? Now the answer to that is a decided, “Yes!” As an only child moving around a lot in a military family I frequently only had imaginary friends to play with. I wrote a play in 8th grade about the Civil War. I was born in Columbia, South Carolina and think I was searching for my roots. Then again shortly after I was married, I took a creativity class and wrote a short story about a couple’s first Thanksgiving. My memory is that it was very autobiographical.

What is your latest book about? Was it inspired by a certain event/person/memory, etc?

My latest book, SECOND ACT, just released the end of March. It’s Book 1 of a series about four women who first met at summer camp as kids. The idea was suggested by my younger daughter who with her sister went to a summer camp in east Texas from the time they were in elementary school through college when they were counselors. The friends they met so long ago are still very important to them and are close whether they see each other frequently or not.

What genres have you written besides romance? Is there a genre you haven’t tried yet but want to in the future?
I’ve only written romantic suspense, which I love to read, cutting my teeth on Victoria Holt, Mary Stuart, and Phyllis Whitney. I specifically write Romance, Suspense, and Second Chances. Experience Required. My characters are a bit older, but love still finds them after murder, mayhem, and family strife. If I were to branch out, it would be with a touch of paranormal of the psychic variety. But the three more books in the Second Chances Series, will keep me busy for a while. Read More

Torkel's Chosen Excerpt By Michelle Howard

Blog Diva - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

“Nice to meet you, Faye. Have you decided where you’re going?”

Faye froze. Lindsey meanwhile dug through her navy duffle and pulled out a handful of colorful papers and brochures.

Faye cleared her throat. Her packet was stuffed inside her suitcase. She’d planned to review the information in her cabin.

Lindsey jammed papers in her face. “I’ve narrowed my choices down to three planets.”

Faye took the papers and stared at Lindsey’s blue eyes. “I thought we had the whole trip to decide.” It would take at least a week to reach the first planet on the list for the women making the SP trip.

“Sure,” Lindsey replied with a casual shrug. “If you don’t care where you’re going.
Otherwise you might get stuck on Ontar Z.” Read More

Twixt Excerpt By Diane J. Reed

Blog Diva - Wednesday, April 08, 2015

In this “First Encounter” excerpt from my paranormal romance Twixt, the main character Rose meets Chance for the first time in a dream—a man who’s been her soul guardian for centuries—with fiery consequences:

“Welcome back,” he said, striding toward her from the shore. His voice was like the roll of the ocean, tinged with a smoky resonance. When he stepped closer, Rose realized his eyes were a dusky brown, nearly as black as a raven’s. And there was a deep scar that sliced across his nose. As he drew near, she noticed he smelled of turf fire and wild grass. She inhaled the soft aroma like a fresh fragrance offered by the breeze.

He gazed at her with traces of intrigue in his eyes, the way people do who harbor a secret. Yet something in his expression appeared wise, as if he’d witnessed the ebb and flow of life, an eternal restless churning, as constant as the waves of the sea. How long has he lingered at this shore, waiting for me? Rose wondered. A shiver ran down her spine. Something in her soul whispered, Beyond time.

“You know me,” he nodded. Rose could’ve sworn his voice pulsed down to her veins. “I am as close to you as your own shadow.”  Read More

The Cowboy By Vanessa Vale

Blog Diva - Saturday, April 04, 2015

For Emily Winston, leaving her old life as her aunt’s ward to become a male order bride in Montana constitutes a much-needed fresh start. But among the baggage she’s hauling on her way to meet her new husband is a dark secret. The aunt who raised Emily also ran a brothel, and the young woman’s sexual knowledge and exploration at her own hands has left her something other than a typical virgin.

Wyatt Blake is a successful rancher in need of a wife, but his desire for someone other than the prim, obedient women of his territory has led him to select a made-to-order bride. Emily is everything he could ask for in bed, but when her secrets start to unravel, the handsome dominant employs the use of hard spankings to extract the truth of Emily’s past. Will her guilt and shame mar a budding relationship further complicated by Emily’s willfulness and lack of domestic skills? Or will Wyatt Blake’s firm hand and sexual domination force Emily to accept her place at the side of a man who knows exactly what he wants? Read More

Lucy Monroe- An Interview

Blog Diva - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Q: Your new series, Northern Fire, takes place in a small Alaskan town. Exactly how small is it?
A: Cailkirn is pretty dang small, but the unique population is anything but boring. Situated near Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula, Cailkirn is the sunniest city in Alaska, if not the warmest. Of the 2,127 inhabitants, there are descendants of the Innuit, Russian fur traders, Scottish immigrants and gold miners of the 1890s.

Q: What is the series about?
A: Each of the books will be a steamy stand-alone romance set in community of Cailkirn, peopled with both new characters and those introduced along the way.

Q: In a town so small, everyone must know one another. Is there a lot of drama in Cailkrin?
A: Passions defiantly run hot here (both in and out of the bedroom), but it’s easy to understand why. With typical Alaskan independence, the townspeople oversee their school system, as well as the local parks and tourism.  Some of the businesses are owned by out-of-towners and the natives will be sure and tell you just which ones.

Q: What are the people like in Cailkirn?

A: This town is populated with strong alpha men looking for hot sex and in need of true love.  Most would rather sleep in an ice cave than admit it though. As for the women of Cailkirn, a few are seeking refuge in the sparsely populated state, others were born in Cailkirn and have chosen to stay, while some have even returned home when life in the Lower 48 did not work out like they’d expected it to. Read More