Adam By Eve Langlais

Monday, June 08, 2015


“How can you not have a television in your living room?” He couldn’t help blurting his incredulous query.

“Because I don’t need one.”

“Don’t need one?” He practically sputtered the words, his disbelief overwhelming. “But what do you do to entertain yourself? How do you play video games? Watch movies?”

While it should be noted, he could technically do all these things wirelessly, there was a tactile enjoyment in flopping in a comfortable chair or couch and munching on dietary useless carbs while visually enjoying the antics of good cinema or challenging his dexterous skills as he manipulated a video game controller.

“I work most of the time, and when I’m not working, or researching, I’m sleeping.”

“Surely you do something for relaxation? Your entire life can’t revolve around the lab?”

“I like my work, but if you must know, I do also like to read.” At his raised brow, she blushed, the pink in her cheeks enticing. “Non-fiction books usually about my work.”

“But what about having fun?” As she shifted her stance, adopting a defensive posture, he realized how his accusation might sound. I just accused her of being boring.

“Who says I’m not enjoying myself?”

“Me. Don’t forget, I’ve been watching you for some time now, and with the exception of tonight, when the director left you that mysterious cooler, your heart rate has never spiked, your eyes haven’t shone with excitement, and I’ve certainly never heard you laugh.”

“How would you know if my heart beats faster? For all you know, I’m in a constant adrenaline rush when I’m working. I’m a scientist. I get a kick out of discovery.”

A snort escaped him. “What a load of crap.”

Spine straight, she fixed him with a glare. “Would you mind not insulting me in my own home? What business is it of yours anyhow how I entertain myself?”

“It’s none of my business. But I’d hate to think you’re missing out.”

“Missing out? On what? Fictional creations about absurd situations?”

“Forget television for a moment. What about the simple rush you get out of doing something for pleasure? Like hiking up a scenic mountain. Scuba diving and observing the beauty of nature on a coral reef.” Things that even he, with his analytical mind, could appreciate. “What about the enjoyment that comes out of sharing an adventure with a friend, or a lover…” Why was it, when it came to Doctor Laura, his mind always revolved back to more intimate matters? She drew him like no other.

Her expression turned sad for a moment before tightening. “My work is important. Time enough later for me to indulge in frivolous activities.”

“Or you could squeeze time in for them now.”

“Says the guy assigned to watch over me. Don’t tell me you think us going out to paint the town red is a good idea, given the threat supposedly to CyberGlys employees.”

“You don’t have to go out to have fun.”

“So what do you propose we do? Play a board game? Cards?”

“I’ve got something better than that.” Before she could question him some more, he showed her what he meant.

Reeling her into his arms didn’t take any thought, or weighing of the pros and cons of his actions. He’d wanted to kiss her all evening. Weeks even. Pretty much from the first moment he’d begun observing her he’d wanted to see if her lush lips would prove pliant under his.

They were. Soft and welcoming.

For so long, he’d wanted to draw her against him and see how she molded to his frame.

She fit perfectly, her lush curves a perfect complement to his hard body.

He’d wanted to see if, beneath her prim and serious exterior, there lurked passion.

By all the nanos in his body, she practically melted him with the heat she unleashed with just one long, and sensual, kiss.

With his senses tingling, their lips separated, and they stared at each other, her bright brown eyes behind her glasses meeting his gaze with wonder. A wonder he understood.

Her breath, already coming faster, brushed warmly against him.

The moment stretched, fraught with anticipation and desire. The cognitive part of his brain suggested he step away. Getting involved with the doctor, however pleasurable, wasn’t part of his mission. It could prove a danger, especially given her scientific background. What if she recognized what he was? She could jeopardize more than his life. It was an unacceptable risk.

And yet…

The man within said fuck it.

He crushed her to him, his arms wrapping around her tight, his mouth claiming hers with intensity and determination. She will know excitement.

Already her heart raced. It pounded, the blood in her coursing frantically as it brought all of her nerves alive. At the same time, her body went limp in his arms, a languorous arousal weakening her muscles. But she needn’t fear falling.

I have her, and I’m not letting go. I will show her pleasure. With me. And only me.

He could no more help the possessive feelings than he could resist her allure.

Her desire for him rose in a musky perfume, the layers of clothes separating them, unable to hide the evidence, not with his enhanced senses.

It served only to heighten his arousal. Hard. Harder than the steel they’d strengthened his bones with. Harder than the locks on the firewalls guarding his electronic secrets. So hard…it hurt?

Pain wasn’t something he needed to feel unless he chose to, yet with her, he let the agony of wanting her and holding back fill him. The wild urgency was intoxicating. Not ruled by programming or rational thought, he just felt. Felt on a level he’d not imagined.
It made him forget where he was, who he was, and the danger his very existence posed. But lucky for them both, he was capable of faster-than-human reaction because, when the window shattered, he knew enough to spin his body and present his back in the split second before the deadly shards blasted them.

But more ominous than the deadly rain of glass was the thump and ticking of the metallic ball with its flashing red warning.

A bomb. Ah, hell.