A Touch of Mayhem by Geri Foster

Friday, May 13, 2016

Hot New Release in S.E. Smith's Magic, New Mexico Kindle World!

Penelope Stubblefield is hiding in Magic, New Mexico until time for her to testify in a murder trail where she witnessed a drug cartel leader kill a woman and child. As a mind reader, she uses her gift to read fortunes under the alias, Mystic Star. Little does she know that the real Mystic Star, Princess of Exeoni, is also hiding in Magic.

Altair of Vion is bred to be a Warrior of the Realm. As high commander, it’s his duty to protect the Kingdom and its people. When Prince Ronic’s future bride flees her planet, the king sends Altair to find her. Curious as to why the princess wants to escape their marriage, Ronic goes with Altair. They learn Mystic Star is in Magic, New Mexico.

Killers are sent from a distant planet arrive on earth with intentions to kidnap the princess but Altair is afraid they might take the wrong Mystic Star. Can a man who knows only war find love on Earth? Can he save them all from those who want to harm them?