A Q&A with Becky Wade about A Love Like Ours

Monday, July 20, 2015

Q: What is the overarching theme of A Love Like Ours?
Finding hope. The hero of the novel, Jake Porter, is a former Marine who now works as a Thoroughbred racehorse trainer. It’s been eight years since Jake returned home from his final tour in Iraq, and he’s still struggling with PTSD. A Love Like Ours is about rediscovering hope that once was lost.

Q: What motivated you to write about a hero who’s a military veteran?
I’m extremely grateful to our veterans for their service. I cast Jake as my hero because I was moved by news stories I’ve seen and read throughout the years about service men and women who were injured overseas and returned to the States with physical injuries and/or disorders like PTSD.

I’m particularly excited about the release of A Love Like Ours because I’ll be giving a portion of my earnings on the novel’s first two weeks of sales to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a wonderful organization that provides therapy for both physical and mental health conditions.

Q: It sounds like the book deals with some serious topics. How would you describe its overall tone?
While A Love Like Ours does deal with some serious topics, I’d describe the story’s tone as optimistic, heartwarming, humorous, modern, and romantic. Jake’s a brooding hero, so I made sure to match him with a spunky, upbeat heroine.

Q: There’s a subplot in A Love Like Ours about Thoroughbred horse racing. What spurred your interest in racing?

I’ve loved horses since I was young. I grew up in a historic neighborhood in Riverside, California, with no possibility of stabling a horse in my backyard. That fact didn’t stop me from asking for a horse each and every Christmas.

I never received a horse during my growing-up years. But I had a wonderful time “owning” a whole ranch full of them via the writing of A Love Like Ours. The research I put into this book can hardly be counted as work because I enjoyed it so much.

Q: The heroine of the novel, Lyndie, has a younger sister with severe cerebral palsy. Can you tell us about the family you know personally that inspired Lyndie’s family in A Love Like Ours?
A few years back, my daughter had a preschool teacher named Kari. Kari is the kindest, warmest, most fun and most tender-hearted woman I could have hoped for my daughter to have as her teacher. In getting to know Kari, I got to know her family. Kari has two daughters. Her oldest is a completely healthy eighth grader. Her youngest was born with cerebral palsy due in part to the fact that her skull was shattered in three places at birth. Kari’s younger daughter is blind, non-verbal, and requires round-the-clock care.

In spite of their challenges, this family blew me away with their joy and energy and positivity. I knew from the time I met them that I wanted to base a fictional family on their real-life example.

Q: In what way do you hope A Love Like Ours encourages its readers?

I hope that the novel reminds readers that in God, there’s always reason to hope! He has the power to redeem all things in His time.