Pre-Made Book Covers

RomCon® Covers- SOLD!

When you choose a book cover from RomCon®, you can feel confident knowing it is one-of-a-kind, just for you. Each cover is available in eBook and Print formats to meet all your publishing needs. RomCon®'s book covers are offered on a first-come, first served basis. Once a cover is bought, it's gone forever. No hidden fees.

RomCon® charges a flat rate of $125 for ebook, $175 for ebook and print.




To see RomCon®'s book cover portfolio, click here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I choose a RomCon® pre-made book cover?
RomCon® knows books.  We know what it takes to capture a reader's attention...a professional, attractive and appealing cover. Great cover art makes a strong first impression, whether online or in a bookstore, and will entice readers to read the blurb. Authors, you're writers, not cover artists. Let the experts make you look good!

What is your process?
Once you've purchased a book cover, we will incorporate your name, book title, tag line and back cover content (if needed) into the cover design, then email all files to you within three (3) business days.  

Will I ever see ’my’ cover on someone else’s book?
You have exclusive rights to your cover. No one else will have a cover like yours, and your cover will never be sold twice. However, covers are made using non-exclusive images, which anyone has access to. While it’s unlikely another artist will combine the images, fonts, and colors to design an identical cover, RomCon® can’t guarantee against the use of the image elsewhere.

What is included in the price?
For an ebook purchase, you will receive 72 dpi, .jpg files in the following sizes:
1400 x 2100 - for ebook sale sites/digital manuscript use only
500 x 750 - for website/internet display
300 x 450 - for blog/website display
200 x 300 - for icon/avatar use
200 x 300 - 300 dpi, .jpg file for print advertising and/or trading card use

For an ebook and print purchase, you will receive:

All files mentioned above for ebook purchase
Full print sleeve cover flat design (front cover, spine and back cover):
300 dpi .pdf file in a standard print size format, usually a 5" x 8" or 6" x 9" print book, but can vary slightly
(*author must supply spine width and back panel information)

Does RomCon® do custom book covers?
Yes! RomCon® does create custom book covers, especially sequels for covers we've already made. For more information about custom covers, click here.

Do you have examples of covers you've sold?
To view RomCon®'s portfolio of purchased cover designs, click here.

Can I return a cover if I change my mind or if my book doesn't get published?
You may only receive a refund for your purchase as long as we have not started inserting your content information (Name, Title, Tag Line, Print formatting, etc). Once this work has begun or you have received files with your content included, the cover is yours and no refunds will be given.

What's the fine print?
Click here to read the fine print for the purchase of a pre-made book cover. After purchase, you will be required to provide an electronic signature agreeing to the service agreement.