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Taken by her Mates by Grace Goodwin

Michele Callahan - Friday, July 08, 2016

Taken By Her Mates by Grace Goodwin (An Interstellar Bride book)

After being set up and found guilty of a crime she didn’t commit, Jessica volunteers for the Interstellar Bride Program to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. She is assigned to a prince, the heir to the throne of the powerful planet Prillon, but her future is left in doubt when the match is rejected by Prillon’s current ruler.

When his own father seeks to banish him and deny him his right to a mate, Prince Nial takes matters into his own hands. Accompanied by a battle-tested warrior who volunteers as his second, he sets out for Earth to take what is his, but upon his arrival he quickly discovers that the same horrifying enemies who once took him captive now hunt his mate as well.

Though believing she has been rejected by a mate she never even met stings more deeply than she would like to admit, Jessica does her best to focus on the dangerous task of bringing down the people who framed her. But before long, her world is turned upside down all over again when two huge, handsome aliens save her life and then inform her that she is their matched mate and they have come to Earth to claim her.  Read More

Sophia (The Brides of San Francisco Book 4) by Cynthia Woolf

Michele Callahan - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Sophia (The Brides of San Francisco Book 4) -- An excerpt: 

Mrs. Selby handed Sophia a photograph of a man in uniform. He had light hair and eyes. He was terribly good looking. Too handsome, for someone like her.
“I don’t think he’d want me. What if I get there and he decides he doesn’t want to marry me?”

"First, that won’t happen. It has not happened to me yet. Second, if by chance he does change his mind, he must still pay for your room and board at the hotel for at least two months. Long enough for you to find another potential husband or to decide to come back to New York. He would also pay your return passage. So, you see, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
“Mrs. Selby—” “Please, call me Margaret.”

“Margaret. I still can’t believe he won’t take a look at me and change his mind.” Read More

Vernal: A Royal Protector Academy Novel by Randi Cooley Wilson

Michele Callahan - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vernal: An Excerpt  (Welcome to the Royal Protector Academy)

With the spring come new beginnings.

Twenty years ago, amid the serenity of a winter snowfall, I was born into the London clan—a royal family of gargoyle protectors that for centuries has devotedly safeguarded mankind against evil.

There are many who would say it is a great honor and privilege to be Serena Elizabeth Vivian St. Michael, daughter of Abigail and Callan, princess and sole heir to the crown of the revered gargoyle protector race. My clan has fought darkness, overcome betrayals, restored balance, prevented a war, and solidified an honored place among the supernatural and divine worlds—all because the London clan of gargoyles carries a highly sought-after protector lineage: the dragon spirit.

You see, in the seventh century, a dragon named La Gargouille lived near a town on the River Seine in France. Legend has it that he was so grotesque to look at, his appearance alone would ward off evil spirits. But instead of protecting the town, La Gargouille terrorized it, until the archbishop of Rouen, St. Romanus, killed it.

Just before the beast was slain, the dragon sank his teeth into Romanus’s shoulder, a breath from piercing the archbishop’s heart. Unbeknownst to both, the violent action caused their bloods to mix—a tying feat that caused the dragon spirit and a divine soul, to become bound together for eternity.
 Read More

The Lady Who Saw Too Much by Thomasine Rappold

Michele Callahan - Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thank you for inviting me to share an excerpt of my latest release.  The Lady Who Saw Too Much is the second book in my Sole Survivor series, and I’m excited to introduce Gia and Landen to readers who enjoy a touch of paranormal with their historical romance.

When Gia discovers her new employer is the same man she’d seen dead in her latest prophetic vision, she’s determined to do what she must to save him.  But one reckless kiss leads to consequences neither of them predicted, and Landen soon finds himself married to a woman he may never be able to trust. Despite his ill-will toward his new bride, he can’t deny his desire for her—or his fierce need to protect her.


The sound of Gia’s distress jolted Landen from sleep. He shot upright, the scene beside him rousing him fully awake. Gia writhed in her sleep, limbs flailing in the midst of a dream. He poked her shoulder. “Wake up.” 

To his surprise, his touch made her more frantic. She let out a shriek that could wake the whole house. Kicking free of the sheets, she gasped, spewing feral sounds more beastlike than human. She clawed at the air.
Grasping her shoulders, he shook her hard. She struggled, shaking her head and gasping some more. His alarm heightened to fear. He’d never seen anyone in such a state while asleep. The memory of his mother’s violent fits hit full force. “Gia!” Read More

Ready to Fall by Olivia Dade

Michele Callahan - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ready to Fall 

Elementary school teacher and part-time librarian Sarah Mayhew has the perfect plan: show off her cycling skills at her school's bike retreat and attract her oblivious coworker in the process. Her end game? Fall in love. Only one problem: she needs to find someone to teach her how to ride a bike pronto. But when she catches sight of Chris Dean's gorgeous physique, her best laid plans are about to go off track.

Chris is not looking for a girlfriend. He's getting over his last one by focusing on his bike repair business. So when a feisty, sexy schoolteacher urges him to help improve her cycling skills, he does it strictly for the money. He vows he won't repeat history, even for a blond bombshell like Sarah. But when the two find themselves alone on the road, they can't help taking a detour straight into each other's arms . . .


“Why did Helen send you here?” Chris asked.

Sarah fished a folded printout from her huge purse and slapped it on the counter. “Take a look.”

He unfolded the paper and scanned the text. Apparently, the faculty and staff of Spring Ridge Elementary School had been invited to participate in a bike retreat as part of a new fitness initiative. That still didn’t explain what she wanted from him, however.
 Read More

Two Doms for Kara by Anya Summers

Michele Callahan - Monday, June 13, 2016


"Oh, for pity's sake!"

Kara glanced at the coffee stain spreading over her fitted white blouse.

Of all the mornings for her klutz-o-meter to kick into high gear, this was the worst possible time. She couldn't seem to manage walking, let alone striking a balancing act to make it to the office in one piece. Kara always felt she was a bit disheveled, her small, five foot curvy frame a far cry from the leggy models running about Manhattan. They were the same women who hired her to oversee their weddings, and while she always did her best to appear collected, her clumsiness sometimes got the better of her. She glared at the perpetrators of her demise, her black stiletto pumps and the small crack between the elevator and the fifth floor where her new office was located. Along with the fact that she seemed incapable of putting one foot in front of the other, this morning she was running unseemingly late for her first official board meeting with her new business partners.

Last month she'd moved her base of operations for her wedding planning company, Bridal Dreams, from her walk up apartment in Brooklyn to the island of Manhattan. The only way for her company to score some of the bigger, more elite city weddings was to have an office in Manhattan. Prices being what they were, Kara had sublet a small office from her good friends Chase Manning and Zeke Driscoll. Zeke owned a catering enterprise making some of the best edible creations she'd ever put in her mouth. He had rocketed to fame with a cooking show some years back, and had left the limelight to enjoy control of his own enterprises. Then there was Chase, who was a special occasions architect, and she considered him the demi-god of design.
 Read More

Red Night by Michele Callahan -- The Timewalkers are back!

Michele Callahan - Friday, June 10, 2016

The Timewalkers are back!

On Sale for a limited time!   Sure, she's got a superpower, but forget the cape...

With Timewalker blood in her veins, Alexa knows she'll be called upon by the immortal Archivers who watch over Earth and sent through time on a dangerous mission. After twenty-six years of waiting, her day has come.

Yes, she has a superpower, but forget the cape. To save the world, she must play the part of science geek and break into one of the highest security labs in the country. She has three short days to complete her mission; sneak into the lab and destroy a deadly virus before it kills almost everyone on Earth. There's one totally avoidable thing that will jeopardize her perfect plan...falling in love with her target.

Believe it or not, she's got bigger problems: the virus goes missing, a madman wants to exterminate human life, and Alexa must figure out how to save the whole darn planet when Fate is determined to force her into the arms of the very man responsible for the whole stinking mess.

**Red Night is a sci-fi action adventure with a romantic twist! The story is a stand-alone time travel adventure with kick-a$$, sarcastic heroine, a smoking hot, geeky hero and a HEA. (*Previously released in 2011 under the same title)  Read More


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