Still The One By Michelle Major

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I like winter. I really do. During the dog days of summer when I’m sick of being hot I can’t wait for the temps to cool. I love the first snow, a good fire, hot chocolate, lazy weekend mornings snuggling in bed. I love jeans, boots, scarves and I don’t believe it’s possible to have too many jackets. Maybe that’s because I live in Colorado where the weather can change a dozen ways in a matter of hours. Seriously, though, how is it possible to have too many jackets??

But somewhere in the long months after the holidays, I start yearning for spring. Let’s face it, although February only has 28 days, we’ve still got a few more weeks of winter, with lots of gray skies and short days. Sigh. I’ve got the winter blues, no doubt about it. But since it happens every year and I’ve found that spooning up an entire bowl full of raw cookie dough doesn’t leave me feeling any better, I’ve developed some ways to deal with the cold weather blahs.

  • Get outside: this may sound counterintuitive - it’s cold out! For me nothing calms me and renews me like a simple walk and if there’s a dog (or two) along with me so much the better. I might have to bundle up and it may be a quick fifteen-minute jaunt around the neighborhood but I always feel better at the end.
  • Soak in a tub: Since you may be shivering now from that walk, why not warm up with a hot bath? Candles, bubbles--the whole bit! Taking a little time to pamper yourself can be a real mood lifter. I’d recommend a little foot scrubbing too - it may not be summer but it feels great to get rid of those crocodile toes.
  • Retail therapy: And speaking of shoes, this is a great time to go online and order a new pair of sandals for the summer. Then imagine all the great places you’ll get to wear them.
  • A cup of tea: I used to think tea was boring and tasteless but I’ve developed an affinity for it - especially when I add a little honey. Warms you up from the inside out.
  • Your favorite show: Like a lot of people I associate tea with England and like most of my FB friends, when I think of England these days I think of Downton Abbey. It’s no surprise that I watch more TV during the colder months - the perfect time to hunker down with the remote. The good news is that episodic television is fantastic this season - from PBS to networks to cable - there’s something for everyone. And if not, you’re bound to find a favorite old movie playing on some channel - I watched Pretty Woman the other night!
  • A good book: My personal favorite choice! When it’s dark and gloomy out there’s nothing better than spending all night in bed reading. If your like me with children who keep you busy enough that you don’t get to read as much as you’d like, try building a ‘reading fort’ under the dining room table then go in with flashlights, snacks and your favorite book. It may buy you a few extra minutes.
So what’s your favorite way to beat the winter blues? One lucky reader who comments on my blog will be randomly selected to win a copy of my February release from Harlequin Special Edition, Still The One. Good luck!

Only a distress call could summon Lainey Morgan back to the small hometown she had run from, leaving her family—and the man she adored—standing at the altar. Yet even fame as a globe-trotting photojournalist couldn't erase the pain of losing the baby Ethan Daniels had been marrying her for. Still, he always had been the best veterinarian around—and the stray dog that had attached himself to her needed attention. Almost as badly as she did…

As for Ethan, Lainey was driving him crazy all over again, and ten years away had only made him want her more. She had done the unforgivable, true, but he was beginning to discover that she had suffered more losses than even he knew about. Both of them had done some growing in the past ten years. Maybe this time, forever could be within their grasp….