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The Scotch King by Penelope Sky

Ruth West - Friday, September 01, 2017

Joseph Ingram made the mistake of stealing from me—four million dollars. He took my intelligence without paying for it. And thought he could get away with it.

Think again.

Now I’ll take something from him—something irreplaceable.

His sister.


But even when Joseph doubles the amount of money he owes me, I don’t give her up.

Nope. I have an image to maintain.

So I keep her.

And I’m not giving her up.

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Forgotten Secrets by Robin Perini

Ruth West - Saturday, August 26, 2017

At age ten, Riley Lambert watched helplessly as her sister was abducted from her bedroom. Fifteen years later, she’s channeled the pain of her past into a career as an FBI profiler. Riley devotes her life to bringing violent criminals to justice…and secretly uses government resources to search for her sister, who was never found.

When Riley gets a call from the only man who’s ever swept her off her feet with a killer two-step and dangerous smile—ex-Navy SEAL Thayne Blackwood of Singing River, Wyoming—it stirs up dark memories. Thayne’s sister, Cheyenne, has been kidnapped. There are no leads, and the only witness is the victim’s Alzheimer’s-afflicted grandmother.

Desperate to find Cheyenne, Thayne needs Riley’s expertise. With time running short, they delve into dangerous small-town secrets while fighting against an increasingly ruthless adversary. But when her past and his present collide in a shocking revelation, can they overcome the secrets that have kept them apart?

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Captive by Trevion Burns

Ruth West - Friday, August 11, 2017

After watching his wife die in his arms, former police detective Lincoln Hill never forgot the promise he whispered to her as she drew her last breath. The promise to find their missing daughter, Emma Hill. The daughter he’d never known. The daughter being held captive by a powerful man serving his first term as the mayor of London, England.

Determined to get his daughter back—with more rage in his veins than blood—Linc snatches the mayor’s wife, Mia Ali, at a fundraising event for his re-election campaign. Linc’s terms are straightforward: Emma for Mia. A simple exchange.

At least, it had felt simple.

It had felt simple until he laid eyes on Mia’s gorgeous face for the first time. Until he laid hands on her supple, voluptuous body. Until she laid her hands on his body too—a body that hadn’t been touched by a woman in six long years—lighting fire to his skin with the softness of her warm, nimble fingers. Lighting fire to every inch of him until his bones nearly melted away with the burning need to be inside her.

No matter how beautiful his captive, however—or how deep the attraction—Linc refuses to get addicted to the ebony goddess he’s snatched.

When it comes time to make the exchange, losing Mia is the only option…

Or it might be a fight to the death.

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Chasing Secrets by Lynette Eason

Ruth West - Sunday, August 06, 2017

Elite Guardians bodyguard Haley Callaghan may be in South Carolina, but when a photo leads investigators in West Ireland to open a twenty-five-year-old cold case, her life is suddenly in danger. Haley knows how to take care of herself; after all, she's made a career out of taking care of others. But after an uncomfortably close call, Detective Steven Rothwell takes it upon himself to stay with her--and the young client she has taken under her wing. A protector at heart, he's not about to let Haley fight this battle alone.

In a sweeping plot that takes them into long-buried memories--and the depths of the heart--Haley and Steven will have to solve the mystery of Haley's past while dodging bullets, bombs, and bad guys who just won't quit.

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True Hero by Susan Owensby

Ruth West - Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Will he be the hero that saves us from my mistake?

On the run, with no one to turn to.
I’m doing all I can to stay alive, protect myself, and my little boy.
I left everything behind, determined to start over and give my child a normal life.
I have rules. Rules I have to follow. Rules that keep me alive.
1. Keep my head down.
2. Keep life simple.
3. Trust no one.

That definitely includes retired ex-military, Navy Seal Jonah Bradford. He’s completely off limits.
It doesn’t matter if he wakes up the woman inside of me.
I can’t be that woman anymore. No matter how much he makes me wish I could.

Giving up my career to run the family business wasn’t an easy decision. Once a SEAL, always an SEAL.
Yet, I’ve adjusted. I like my life, but something is missing.
One look at the freckle-faced beauty working at the local diner and I know exactly what it is.
But, I’m alive today by following my instincts and everything about Ally is setting off alarm bells that scream she’s in trouble.
I don’t care. I want her.
The problem is she won’t give me the time of day.
That’s okay. I like a challenge.
I just have to uncover all of her secrets and end the fear that keeps shining in her eyes.
Operation Ally is underway.

True Hero is a standalone romantic suspense novel and part of the True Hearts Series with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It features a sexy ex-military alpha male Hero, a realistic fiery heroine who over comes an abusive past, who just might stumble their way into a happily ever after.

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Breaking All Barriers by Cait Jarrod

Blog Diva - Friday, March 20, 2015

A Romantic Suspense

Businessman Cole Dunbar breaks away from inventing the latest gadgets when the woman who has broken through his protective walls turns up missing. Mother Nature and a sex trafficking ring have Cole racing against time and breaking all barriers to find Dina Wright. But does Dina need saving?

5 STARS: Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

“This is an amazing thrill ride. You will be on the edge of your seat, between wanting Dina and Cole to get together and seeing all the other story threads play out. There are no cliffhangers; all of the story lines are wrapped up and the ending left me satisfied. It definitely keeps you enraptured until the very end. Just when you think nothing else could go wrong, a new twist is thrown in. I would say this is one of the best romantic suspense stories that I have read recently. Fans of Maya Banks’ Slow Burn series will enjoy the intensity of the story and the steaminess of the attraction between the characters.” Read More

Twisted Innocence By Terri Blackstock

Blog Diva - Friday, February 27, 2015

Holly Cramer’s past choices have finally caught up to her, but she never expected them to endanger her baby.

Holly has had many consequences throughout her life—job losses, financial collapse, relationship problems—but none has ever shaken her like her pregnancy. She cleans up her life as she carries her child, but she never tells the father. When he learns about Lily’s birth, he comes back into her life, but he brings a world of trouble with him. He’s a suspect in a murder case, and when Holly uses her private investigating skills to help police locate him, the tables turn and he takes her and the baby hostage. But is he really a killer or a victim? His link to her family’s arch-nemesis creates an even more tangled web.
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Against The Sky By Kat Martin

Blog Diva - Friday, February 20, 2015

Against the Sky hits New York Times 3 weeks in a row!
Feb 15th list - AGAINST THE SKY #7

Feb 22nd list - AGAINST THE SKY #12

March 1st list - - AGAINST THE SKY #14
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The Book of Hours By Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

Blog Diva - Friday, February 13, 2015

Setting the Scene for The Coin and The Book of Hours

Lately, many readers and bloggers have asked how I came up with the plot of my first novel, The Coin. A more interesting question popped out from one particular blogger who asked, why use the French Riviera for the setting of your thriller? The obvious subtext was, how such beautiful area lends itself for the inspiration of such darkness, and that got me thinking.

The ready answer is always the simplest—I found some coins in a clearing and started thinking about a possible suspense plot. Since I was already living in the area, might as well use it as my backdrop. But the more complex answer is that I needed to show that even in a beautiful environment, there is always a suggestion of the ugly, a reminder of how things were and could be once more. Past events shape and affect actions, both around the environment I lived in, as well as with its people, and humanity always has the capacity to turn vicious.

Basically, it was a decision designed to give my characters depth and to show the undercurrents, political and social, that would have affected them in that area at that time.

Let me explain. Read More

Against The Sky By Kat Martin

Blog Diva - Friday, January 23, 2015

ALASKA. In America’s last wilderness there is no limits to what a man can do.

Book Summary …

For detective Nick Brodie, that means keeping the perps off the streets of Anchorage 24/7. Nick has never backed down from danger, but after the horrors he’s seen, he’s definitely in need of a break.

Samantha Hollis never thought she’d meet anyone like Nick, especially in a place like Las Vegas. But after one reckless, passionate night, she discovers the charismatic stranger is everything she wants in a man. But can he ever be more than a one-night stand?

When Nick invites her to Alaska, Samantha decides to find out, never guessing the depths she’ll discover in him or the tangle of murder, kidnapping, and danger about to engulf them both … Read More

Mystic Hearts By Cait Jarrod

Blog Diva - Friday, January 02, 2015

Nothing like a heroine taking charge!

I love Charlene Smith’s journey from submissiveness to taking charge of her life. She figuratively slams her hands on the table and says, “No more.” She’ll no longer allow her ex-husband to control her like he had while they were married. She’ll no longer allow him to use their son as a pawn. Instead of slamming her hand down on a desk or gingerly saying, “No more,” read the excerpt below from Mystic Hearts, Book 2 of The Band of Friends, to find out how Charlene decides she can and will fight.

The venomous tone, at one time, would have had her withering. But not anymore. “Pig!”

Her ex-husband charged toward her, eyes wild, nostrils flaring.

She swung, faking high and going low. The bat connected with his stomach.

“Fuck,” he puffed and clutched his gut. “You’ll pay.” He straightened and snatched the butcher knife from the block on the kitchen counter.  Read More

Voices By Kathryn Jane

Blog Diva - Friday, December 26, 2014

The power of Gratitude.

I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions because I learned many years ago to live in the now. Cancer at only 30 years old tends to give you a new perspective on life. Fast forward nearly thirty years, and I’ve learned something new and very powerful, gratitude.

Here’s how it began.

At first, I tried to keep a Gratitude Journal, but I only lasted a couple of weeks. Then one day, and I don’t recall why, I posted my gratitude on Facebook, and many people responded. Well, that wasn’t what I’d expected, but it pushed me to post again the next night, and the next.

So what? Why is that such a big deal? Read More

Deadline By Scarlet Hawthorne

Blog Diva - Friday, December 19, 2014

Writing the Villain in Deadline by Scarlet Hawthorne

Devolution – The process by which an UNSUB begins to lose control, falling in a downward spiral, unable to control their urge to perform a particular offense brought about by the trauma of their offenses. The rapid movement from “Organized” to “Disorganized.” -- From the Criminal Minds glossary,

I primarily wrote Deadline in a panoramic point of view, as if the reader is watching a film, with no inner monologue of the hero or heroine. We learn their thoughts and feelings by what they say and how they behave – just as we do with people in our own lives. No one ever knows what anyone is thinking. I digress from this narrative technique with the villain in the story by allowing the reader into his head and “hear” the delusions of this mad man.

Clearly mentally ill, he may have developed schizophrenia in his twenties, which went unnoticed because of his ability to function “normally” and rationalize any paranoia to others. His delusions have been focused on religion, but now he believes God is speaking to him and has chosen him for a mission. Read More

Deceptive Beauty By Dawn White

Blog Diva - Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A sneak peek at Deceptive Beauty:
He smiled at my nervous question and looked down at the papers on his desk. “As you can tell Agent Quinn, we’re getting a lot of heat from upstairs about the outlaw activities from the motorcycle club, Sinister Sons Syndicate, over in Savannah. Someone, or the club itself is part of a huge sex trafficking ring of underage girls. They make them prostitutes and drug mules. If they don’t comply they kill them. I need you to try and infiltrate the leader by any means necessary.” Agent Marshall said the last part, “Any means necessary,” in air quotes. The look of shock was evident on my face.

“What the hell do you mean by any means necessary?! Obviously I’m a woman and there is no way I can get to the table. The only thing this leaves for me is…” After saying the last word, he smiled and shook his head in response.  Read More

The Coin By Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

Blog Diva - Friday, December 05, 2014

Romantic Suspense/Thriller

Book Blurb
The cost of this coin might just be too high... When Gabriela finds a mysterious coin in the French Riviera, she is thrust into a struggle between governments, terrorists, and madmen, all seeking vital information she doesn't know she has. Richard, the intelligence officer assigned to protect her, has all he can do to keep her safe--and keep the stirrings of his heart from endangering them both.

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Blog Diva - Friday, November 28, 2014

When Michael goes on a photographic assignment to Brazil and fails to return, Kristi and her son fly to Rio de Janeiro, desperate to find him. Instead she finds that during the cold New Jersey winter, her husband has spent his time in steamy chat rooms with Nara, a young woman desperate for attention and involved in the Rio drug world. 

As she searches for Michael in exotic but crime-ridden Rio, Kristy finds herself way out of her league. She turns to Italian-Brazilian Federal Agent Tony Lamazzo for help. As the harsh truth of her marriage brings a dose of reality to her life, she finds the temptation of getting closer to the strong, capable—and totally hot—Tony difficult to resist. She’s in Brazil on the Day of Dead, a day when Brazilians go wild. Why shouldn’t she go wild with Tony, for just one night, before returning home to start the new life alone she’ll have to learn to make for herself?  Read More

The Color Of Dreams By KG Stutts

Blog Diva - Friday, November 14, 2014

When I first started writing, it was a sci-fi story. I started writing based on a dream I kept having for a week straight. The story became a trilogy which I am incredibly proud of. The third, Mirror Reformed, releases in January. As I was wrapping up the first in the series, Mirror Image, a new inspiration came to me. Mirror Image was a story I began from a dream. What if my character experienced visions through dreams? And The Color of Dreams was born.

Julie was in my head before I had a fully realized story. I had a clear picture of a feisty, beautiful redhead and eventually the blanks filled in. This was my 2013 NaNoWriMo winner. It was fascinating to me. I did research online about the different meaning of color in dreams, how people remember or retain their dreams, if we actually dream in black and white. It intrigued me. Julie doesn’t think much about it, because it has always been a part of her. It doesn’t occur to her to wonder why, nor does she consider it a gift. It’s just a dream.  Read More

One Last Hold By Angela Smith

Blog Diva - Friday, November 07, 2014

I love love. I believe in love. I love watching people fall in love and fight falling in love because it doesn’t fit into their immediate plans, or they’ve been hurt before and don’t want to take that risk again. But most of all, I love seeing people remain in love, even throughout the tough times.

The fairytale image that has been taught to us for centuries has warped our view of love and romance. I believe love, just like life, is what you make of it. I believe there’s someone out there for everyone, I just believe that the majority of people don’t see it, run from it because of their own fears, or they place their happiness too much on love without recognizing they are the ones in charge of their life, if not their love. Love, just like anything else, takes work.

Yep, I’m a romantic at heart, but my romance isn’t chocolate covered cherries with rose scented baths and a glass of bubbly (although that’s nice every once in a while!) My romance is living with the love of my life, every day, even when it’s the mundane tasks of everyday life.  Read More

Ring Around The Rosy By Roseanne Dowell

Blog Diva - Friday, October 10, 2014

My goal in life was to become a topnotch journalist. I loved writing. Always had. Ever since I can remember that’s all I ever wanted to be. Suddenly, the goal was at hand. Within reach. I got it. My first big byline! I beat out all the other reporters at the scene and the paper printed my story. MINE!

So… there I was drinking coffee and reading my story. My headline! GEORGIE PORGIE PUDDING AND DIE by me, Susan Weston. Word for word just the way I’d written it. I’d been first on the murder scene the night before, even before the cops, so I got a pretty good look at the body. Turned out to be a guy I knew from the neighborhood. Not a sight I’m likely to forget.

It made me feel good that my story got printed. This was my big chance. Things were going to change now. No more fluff pieces for me. And then everything went haywire.
The phone rang. Of course I answered. The voice on the other end sent goosebumps up my arm, down my spine, and chills down to my toes. It still does. Just thinking about it.
My life hasn’t been the same since. To find out what happened, you’re going to have to read my book, Ring Around the Rosy available from Amazon. Read More

Swift Strike By Loren Mathis

Blog Diva - Friday, October 03, 2014

Hello RomCon Readers!

I’m Loren Mathis and I’m a new romantic suspense author. I grew up in a rural town in eastern NC. I went to college at UNC. I am grateful that I’m now able to pursue my dream as a writer, and to share the characters who roam around my head with you.

Swift Strike is the second novel in my “SEAL Team 14” series. It is a standalone novel so the first book does not have to be read in order to enjoy this installment. The SEAL Team 14 series focuses on an elite group of U.S. Navy SEALs.



Ensign Jesse Denison and his comrades on SEAL Team 14 have a new assignment:  rescue a group of civilian hostages who have been kidnapped by a rogue terrorist cell in central Somalia. Little does he know, this seemingly innocuous rescue mission will change his life forever... Read More

Women Under Fire By Jacki Delecki

Blog Diva - Friday, September 19, 2014

Special Sneak Peek: WOMEN UNDER FIRE (Book 2 of the Grayce Walters Series)

Life has heated up for animal acupuncturist Grayce Walters: thrust into the public eye and hounded by the media after solving an arson case with a critical clue from a French Poodle. When Ewan Davis, the sexy arson investigator Grayce has been steaming things up with, starts talking commitment, she definitely feels the burn.

Then a desperate mother begs Grayce to help find her missing daughter—an Afghanistan war veteran suffering from PTSD, and Grayce reluctantly takes on the case, following a disturbing clue provided by the missing young woman’s cat. Calling once again on the aid of her cross-dressing best friend and her shrewd assistant, Grayce uncovers a terrorist plot with chilling international implications.

Grayce races to rescue the young veteran before the escalating danger explodes. But if she manages to escape the threat, will she find the courage to commit to the fiery passion that awaits her wrapped in Davis’s arms?

Ambushed by Aunt Aideen, Grayce Walters was trapped. The bonds of social pressure gripped tighter around her wrists and ankles, holding her captive in the kitchen chair. She couldn’t escape tonight’s séance. Read More

NEW RELEASE - Hot Pursuit 1 By Jennifer Zane

Blog Diva - Monday, September 15, 2014

She paused as if considering my words. “So, what? I’m the hit man Moretti hired to off his son-in-law? Is that how you say it? Yeah, I’m a real professional.” My brows went up at her sarcasm. “Caught with the body in the trunk. Really dumb of me.”

“Or smart enough to come up with a story about the whole car rental swap.” I spun my finger around in the air. “Word gets around. I have to admit, I fell for it.”

She took a deep breath, let it out. Dropped her hands to her sides. “Earlier tonight, at the reception, did you mean it when you offered to help me?”

“A friend of Moretti’s is a friend of mine.” I wasn’t playing nice. Why should I? No one in Moretti’s organization would be considered nice. I felt like a fucking fool once. What was it with women? First Nadine, now Anna. I thought I’d learned my lesson. A woman was never what she seemed. Never sweet and innocent and wanting the simplicity of a man loving and protecting her. The whole picket fence romance movie. Boy, had I been wrong. At least I hadn’t gotten in too deep by marrying this one. I hadn’t even kissed her.
Then why the hell did her duplicity feel like a jagged sliver beneath my skin? Read More

Saving Sophie By Cate Beauman

Blog Diva - Friday, September 05, 2014

Cate Beauman is back with the seventh installment in her bestselling romantic suspense series, The Bodyguards of L.A. County. Saving Sophie is on sale now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes!

Buy it now!

When the only choice is to run…

Jewelry designer Sophie Burke has fled Maine for the anonymity of the big city. She’s starting over with a job she tolerates and a grungy motel room she calls home on the wrong side of town, but anything is better than the nightmare she left behind.

Stone McCabe is Ethan Cooke Security’s brooding bad boy more interested in keeping to himself than anything else—until the gorgeous blond with haunted violet eyes catches his attention late one rainy night.

Stone reluctantly gives Sophie a hand only to quickly realize that the shy beauty with the soft voice and pretty smile has something to hide. Tangled up in her secrets, Stone offers Sophie a solution that has the potential to free her from her problems once and for all—or jeopardize both of their lives.
 Read More

Endless Affinity By Brooklyn Taylor

Blog Diva - Friday, August 29, 2014

Howdy Friends! I wanted to tell you about my book I just released August 1 Endless Affinity. This is the second book in my Forever Series, the first being Eternal Soulmate. They can each be read as a standalone and will follow 3 different characters. My 3rd book in the series will be out December 2014. Yes, my books have romance but the most important part of the story is how the characters persevere through circumstances and how the actions of others affected them deeply and made them into what they are today.

Synopsis of Endless Affinity

Grace Ingram made one mistake that sent her down a path that was full of heart break and misery. In a moment of hesitation her stubbornness left her filled with doubts in her mind that could cause her to sacrifice the love of her life.

Grace was a blue-collar, strong, independent Texas girl that had been with the same guy since high school. Now at the age of 26 she has been asked the one thing most women are waiting and wishing for, but not Grace. The last thing she wanted was to get married and start a family- especially with a guy that had never had to work for a living.

She knew Kyle was the only one she had ever loved with all her heart, trusting and allowing a level of intimacy she would never allow with another. After all he was the only man that knew of the abuse she suffered as a high school teenager. The differences in their lifestyles were in such contrast, though, that it was hard for her to let her guard down. Grace had no idea the battle she would really be fighting once she realized she was losing Kyle for good.  Read More

Hot Pursuit 1 Cover Reveal & Giveaway!

Blog Diva - Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A fun weekend at a friends wedding in Denver takes a bizarre twist for Anna Scott when her rental car is pulled over due to an "anonymous tip". In her dead body linked to warring crime families in Denver and New York. It should be easy for an innocent woman to be cleared for an innocent mix-up. But was it a mistake? The police aren't so sure, and neither is the crime boss who wants vengeance for his son-in-law's death. You see, Anna Scott didn't exist a couple of years ago, she knows way too much about criminal procedures and about talking to cops. Anna Scott has a secret, and this twist of fate could not only expose her, but place her and anyone close to her in danger.

Jake Griffin is playing a dangerous game. He's spent the last few months undercover in the Moretti crime family. Anna Scott is a big problem. Moretti assigns him to find out who she is, what she wants, and to kill her if she's a threat. Jake needs to keep his nose clean and focus on taking down Moretti, not a sexy woman who is a complete mystery. He can't stop thinking about her; her knowledge, her name, her dangerous associates, her fear, or the bone deep desire every time he sees her. Nick's at war with the whole world over one alluring, yet vulnerable woman, and he can't seem to stop taking dangerous chances where she's concerned. The most dangerous of all might be trusting her with the truth. Read More

Next Door Dreams By J.D. Holly

Blog Diva - Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello everybody! I am J.D. Holly and I am the author of the new romantic suspense novel “Next Door Dreams.” This novel is my very first book that I have ever published, although, I have always scribbled bits of stories down, just never got around to finishing them. When it comes to writing people always say write what you know, so I did! I am from a small town in North Carolina. Now, when I say small, I mean there was one junior high and one high school. Everyone knew everyone else, and in my case I was related to half the school! I also hold a BA in Therapeutic Recreation, thus I know small towns and recreation.

Well enough of the “about me”, I want to get to the good stuff! I love talking to readers and other authors, and will answer any question anyone asks me! I hope everyone likes the snippet below from the first chapter of “Next Door Dreams”, if you want to read a bit more, please download the sample on For those who comment or ask questions, I am offering the chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of my book, a copy of “Daisy Dominatrix” by Jennifer L. Hart, “Being Naughty Can Be So Much Fun” by Rita Sawyer, “Turned” by Virna DePaul, “The Spider” by Jennifer Estep, and a lot of other goodies from some GREAT authors! I think there is something for everyone in that list! Enjoy!!! Read More

Imminent Danger By Dee J. Adams

Blog Diva - Friday, August 15, 2014

Thanks to RomCon for having me today! I thought instead of the usual blog post, I’d give you a longer taste of Imminent Danger instead. Here’s a little blurb to get you started before the fun stuff!

For Abbey Washington, dancing is more than a dream, it’s a way to forget her past. But being at the wrong place at the wrong time makes her the sole witness to a stabbing and brings back horrible memories. Since the killers saw her just as clearly as she saw them, Abbey is now a loose end that needs to be tied up.

Blake St. John is working toward his PI license and hopes to find the man who hurt his brother in a kidnapping. He quit chasing his quiet co-worker, Abbey, months ago. But now that she needs protection, he takes on the role of bodyguard and all the feelings he tried to bury for her come back with a vengeance.

Abbey's past makes it hard to trust and an attempt on her life forces her to realize that time is running out as the killers get closer. Now, she must risk it all or face a life without the one man who showed her how to love.  Read More

Her Master Diver By Sandra S. Kerns

Blog Diva - Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank you for joining me for a sneak peek of Her Master Diver, the next book in the popular Masters Men series.


She leaned against the desk and smiled down at the professor. How he got a PhD in anything she couldn’t imagine. He was dense as a petrified rock. The comparison was fitting since he was an archaeologist, or at least that’s what his credentials said. She thought the female doctoral student he’d inherited after her advisor died had more on the ball than the man in front of her did. Still, he was the one who could get her what she wanted.

“This is perfect, darling,” she said, trailing a blood-red fingernail down the side of his face.

“I thought we were going to dive for the Santissima Concepcion,” he said as he licked his lips.

She noticed how, his eyes never made it to her face. He might be questioning her, but his arguments would be minimal. The man was such an easy mark it was almost criminal to take advantage. Then again, she was a criminal, so it didn’t really matter.

“We are, but this way we don’t have to worry about all the red tape. If you can talk the dean into getting us on the dive for La Trinité, we can piggy back and not worry about the rest,” she said moving behind him. She leaned closer, stroking her hands down his flabby chest. At least, this way she didn’t have to watch him salivate while she worked her magic. She had to stop herself from recoiling when he reached behind the chair and slid his hand up her thigh. Read More

Darling's Desire By T.D. Hassett

Blog Diva - Friday, July 11, 2014

Where are the bodies buried?

What do writers do when they have to hide a story?

This question really called to me because my kids love horror movies and the macabre is all the rage in our house right now.

Last summer I started a novel about an incubus who falls in love with a young veterinary technician. I got about 15,000 words in and I had to stop writing. I can’t say that I won’t ever finish it, more that I just had to write a different book before I could. I would start writing this paranormal love story and a mystery romance tale would just keep popping up. The two mystery protagonists would not leave me be and so their story got pushed to the front burner. Darling’s Desire was born.

Perhaps another reason the story wouldn’t leave me alone was the setting. The story takes place primarily on a secluded lake in Connecticut where some folks have gone missing. I live on just such a lake, although to my knowledge no one has turned up murdered around here. For a variety of reasons the hero and heroine will have to weather a couple of weeks together in a spooky lake house. Passion, drama and mystery ensue. I promise a happy ending but I refuse to make it easy for this couple!

I love including some suspense in all my love stories. My last release, Loving Link, involved discovering the identity of a narcissistic woman intent on destroying the hero and finding fame. The best part was writing about this really hateful creature who was just so dark and evil. I almost want to have her in one more book.  Read More

Entangled Love By Cait Jarrod

Blog Diva - Friday, June 27, 2014

In the questions in love and death, where does the truth lie?

Entangled Love by Cait Jarrod

Available on Ebook, Print, and Audio
Wild Rose Press:
iTunes: Read More

Family Stone Romantic Suspense Box Set by Lisa Hughey

Blog Diva - Friday, June 20, 2014

Families: You can’t live with them, you can’t kill them.

Families are complicated, especially with a charming father that can’t seem to keep it in his pants. One disinterested father, three different mothers, and four disconnected siblings define their blended home. Follow the Stone family as they discover love and adventure, and the heart of their family.

Stone Cold Heart:

Jess Stone, former FBI sniper, always felt like the kid who looked in the candy store window but could never afford to go in. But on a humanitarian mission to aid an earthquake ravaged country, finally she finds a place where she fits, in Colin Davies' arms, and working for Global Humanitarian Relief, her big brother's company. But can the former SAS thaw Jess's stone cold heart?

Carved in Stone:

Connor Stone has always been odd man out in his family. Not the oldest, not the most charming, he'd had a lock on the youngest until another half-sibling came to live with them, so he raised hell in his youth. Con knows now the only way to redeem himself is with deeds, not words and sets out to prove once and for all he is worthy of the Stone family. When his older brother asks him to take care of business, Con finally will have redemption he craves. Except when Ava Sanchez, his brother's assistant, is threatened, he must choose between saving the girl or protecting his family. Will his choice bring him love or break his heart? Read More

Eenie, Meanie, Minie, No! By Sandra Kerns

Blog Diva - Friday, June 13, 2014

Thanks for stopping by to check out Eenie, Meanie, Minie, No! I wanted to give you a taste of the fear stalking this high school teacher, so I’ve given you snippets from different parts of the two chapters.

Nikki Sterces wonders if she will ever be free of her high school clique. If you’ve ever had the same feeling or issues with a ‘clique,’ leave a comment here or visit me at and let me know.

Nikki smiled as she passed several girls from one of her classes whispering secrets in the hallway.

“Hey, Ms. Sterces,” they said in unison.

“Have a good night, girls. Don’t forget the practice AP test tomorrow.” As she continued walking, she tried not to smirk when she heard a couple of them groan quietly before they returned to their previous conversation. When they started giggling again, she figured they were sharing the silly little secrets of teenage girls. Unfortunately, the chill that raced over her skin reminded her how wrong she could be. The secrets she and her friends shared in high school had been anything but silly and innocent. Read More

Chain Of Title By Robyn Roze

Blog Diva - Monday, June 02, 2014

Heroic deeds. Monstrous acts. Events that will leave one woman’s world spinning out of control. ~Chain of Title by Robyn Roze

As a writer, I enjoy creating character driven storylines. In doing so, I often sit back and watch, much like a parent, as my characters (children) make choices I know they shouldn’t, that I’m sure I wouldn’t. I sometimes flinch and look away wishing they’d made different choices, replaying in my head the ‘what-ifs’ of the alternative paths that could have been taken, the heartbreak that could have been spared.

Sometimes we don’t recognize the chain reaction that follows from our decisions until much later, after all the puzzle pieces have snapped neatly into place. How a seemingly innocent choice, or encounter, marked the moment our lives spiraled, unnoticed, along a new trajectory, for better or for worse.

Chain of Title is just such a tale. Paths cross, choices are made, secrets emerge and lives are forever changed, lives sent reeling down a different path. The main characters get stuck in moments of time, like real people, unwilling to forgive betrayals, unable to let go of blind rage, lost love, and hoping in the end to outlive the secrets from their pasts. Read More

Reflection By Kim Cresswell

Blog Diva - Friday, May 30, 2014

The Difference Between Mystery and Suspense

Although mystery is an element found in every genre…what if there weren’t any secrets to uncover or bad guys to catch? Would you want to turn the pages and continue reading? Romance, romantic suspense, thrillers, historical and other genres all have some sort of element of mystery.

Mystery novels involve a puzzle—a game of whodunit. A crime usually happens and it’s up to the protagonist to uncover the truth.

In a suspense novel–a threat and imminent danger must be resolved not a puzzle being resolved.

Something is coming. Thunder. Footsteps. Bad guys. Run! Run! Run!

It’s the ticking bomb concept.

A suspense novel builds then ebbs creating an emotional rollercoaster and the author ensures it crashes at the perfect moment with a big bang. Read More

Truth Be Told By Marsha R. West

Blog Diva - Friday, May 23, 2014

I’m thrilled to be here at the RomCon® Blog for Romantic Suspense Authors. When I attended the conference last summer, my first book, VERMONT ESCAPE, hadn’t released yet. It came out July 19 2013 and is now a Romantic Suspense nominee for the Readers’ Crown award this year. Regardless of that, people warmly welcomed me as a new author. Such a blast!

No wonder I’m looking forward to returning this summer as the author of TWO published books! MuseItUp Publishing e-released TRUTH BE TOLD, May 16. I write Romance, Suspense, Second Chances. Experience Required. My characters have been around for a while and taken some hard knocks. They’re not looking for love. Will love find them? Well, let’s see. Read More

The Tainted Blook Series By R.T. Lucas

Blog Diva - Friday, May 16, 2014

“Pull Harder!”
“I’m doing it as hard as I can!”
“No you’re not! Put some welly into it!”

My best friend and co-author LJ had been persuaded by myself to grab hold of my right arm and pull it because I thought I had dislocated it - my thinking was that if the joint was back in the socket, I’d be able to use the limb again.  Unknown to both of us at the time, I had in fact suffered a stroke and that’s why the arm wouldn’t move!  A few months later and LJ had the ‘mother of all migraines’ - which also turned out to be a stroke.  We are not medically trained - do not try this at home!

Why am I telling you all about this?  Well, it’s because of the strokes that LJ and I decided to write our book series ‘Tainted Blood’.  It was a sort of therapy for us as we recovered.  We had been developing the characters and storylines in our heads for a couple of years but hadn’t done anything significant with them.  It’s strange, but when traumatic or challenging circumstances barge into your life, you can either do the ‘ostrich’ thing or bury your head in the sand hoping it will all go away, or you can use it to your advantage.  We chose the latter route. Read More

For the Love of Sexy Men on Motorcycles! by Tracy March

Blog Diva - Friday, April 25, 2014

Fortunately there’s inspiration for hot heroes nearly everywhere. I had a vivid picture in my mind of the hero in my sexy new romantic suspense novel, A Shot of Red—a towering muscular body, overlong dark hair, smoldering eyes, and a perfectly-kissable mouth. But his physical attributes were the easy part. There had to be more that made him sexy. Because sexy is as sexy does, right?

While doing research for the book, I came across The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People list. Since A Shot of Red features House of Cards-style political intrigue, and my hero works for a high-ranking senator, I figured I’d have a quick click-through. (Tough research, huh?) It didn’t take long to find what I was looking for. A super-steamy guy who wore suits and rode his shiny BMW motorcycle to work. Instant hotness!

Check out this excerpt and decide if you’d like to take a ride with him!


Mia tentatively grabbed two handfuls of Gio’s leather jacket as he veered onto the parkway and picked up speed, easing the motorcycle through the graceful wooded hills and valleys of Rock Creek Park. The night air was cold and invigorating, much of it blocked from her by Gio’s sheer size and his broad shoulders. Mia wrapped her arms around him and tucked her hands in his coat pockets. She scooted up close and rested against his back, enticed by the scent of leather, leaning in and out of the curves with him, exhilarated by speed and adventure. Exhilarated by him. He felt strong and sturdy in her embrace, raw power emanating from him and the rumbling motorcycle.  Read More

Killing Secrets by K.L. Docter

Blog Diva - Friday, April 18, 2014

Some secrets are better left dead.

Rachel James’ ex-husband is released from prison determined to reclaim her and her little girl — the child is his key to controlling the James fortune. Rachel flees to Denver with the child who hasn’t uttered a word since her daddy went to prison.

Contractor Patrick Thorne wants nothing to do with another of his parents’ charity cases. He failed his own wife so abysmally she took her own life as well as his unborn son’s. After two years, it’s time to concentrate on the bid he’s won and the saboteur trying to destroy his construction firm.

There’s no room for trust in either of their hearts. But trust is all that will untangle the secrets that dominate their lives, free a little girl of her silent prison, and save them all from a serial killer who stands too close.


Four weeks….

Two days….

Sixteen hours….

…‘Til death. Read More

In The Dark By Sally Eggert

Blog Diva - Friday, April 11, 2014

Love Triangles

Have you ever been torn between two men? Two loves, each powerful enough to potentially eclipse the other? I can honestly say I’ve never had that experience, and it’s hard for me to imagine how it could be possible. My experience of love is of something complete, exclusive, and all-encompassing. But the idea of a love triangle is a popular one in fiction and other art forms, and I have to admit to finding it fascinating. When my novel In the Dark begins, the main character, Josie, has two men in her life—one she wants but doesn’t trust, and swears she will never love, and another whom she trusts with her life, but who hasn’t yet made much progress trying to capture her heart. I guess this is the version of a love triangle I can imagine—one in which the person choosing between two others is conflicted, and not quite ready to say the L word about either one.

Josie’s not really trying to figure it out, or particularly hoping that either of them will be her soul mate. She thinks she knows what she has to do, and that she will skip town and leave them both in the dust when she has done it. After all, they each take a turn making her feel safe one minute, and scared for her life the next. She’s ready to run. She doesn’t believe in soul mates anymore, anyway, and the idea that she could have real feelings for a guy again after the mother of all bad break-ups is, to her, the best reason of all to stay away from both of them. And yet she feels drawn to something about each of them. Johnny is funny, affectionate, and—let’s face it—awesome in bed. Peter is calm, in control, sensitive, and trustworthy. And he looks like a particularly handsome menswear catalog model. There’s not a lot of overlap between their good qualities, but maybe that’s what makes the dilemma possible in the first place. Read More

Distortion By Terri Blackstock

Blog Diva - Friday, March 28, 2014

Excerpt from Distortion (Book 2 of the Moonlighters Series) by Terri Blackstock

Chapter 1

Juliet Cole watched her husband through the windshield, wishing he’d stop brooding. His jaw popped as he stood at the gas pump, scowling at the dollar amount of the fuel going into the U-Haul truck. She couldn’t say she blamed him for his foul mood tonight. This was the fourth time in the last year that Bob had taken the day off from his practice to help her sister Holly move, and it had been a long day. A white Camaro pulled up between her silver Caravan and the U-Haul truck Bob was about to return, the gas station’s lights illuminating him. The man inside looked toward Bob, then turned to peer at Juliet. Did she know him? Just in case, she lifted her fingers in a wave. The man looked away and pulled on through.

Bob put the gas pump back into its cradle. He grabbed the receipt, then climbed back into the box truck. He pulled out without a word, expecting her to follow. Maybe when the truck was returned and he was back in her van, she could coax him into a better mood.  Read More

Dark Deeds By Anne Marie Becker

Blog Diva - Friday, March 21, 2014

Thank you for having me at the RomCon blog to celebrate the release of my latest romantic suspense novel Dark Deeds (Mindhunters, Book 4).

When I created The Society for the Study of the Aberrant Mind (or SSAM)—a private agency that hunts serial killers and other repeat violent offenders whose trails have gone cold—I wanted to explore the themes of hope healing grief, trust as the core of lasting bonds, and love conquering fear.

Dark Deeds was extra-special, as its heroine is Becca, a character who has become near and dear to me (and my readers) over the course of the series. I’ve watched her grow from a new SSAM recruit into a strong team member and I was excited to help her find love, especially with the passionate NYPD Detective Diego Sandoval. He’s her match in every way. Read More

Time To Die By Sabrina Sims McAfee

Blog Diva - Friday, March 14, 2014

Interview with Sergeant, Ginger McCormick:

Hi. My name is Ginger. If you have a little time, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. Okay, so I’ve already said my name is Ginger, but my close friends and cop buddies call me Storm. My ex-partner, Homicide Detective, Skitch, gave me the nickname Storm after I caught a ruthless killer during a hellified rainstorm in Miami, FL. That was one of the happiest days of my life. But…

Right after I captured Nancy Kingston’s murderer, my ex-boyfriend did something horrible that landed me on probation. Sigh. Sigh. And just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, my best friend husband got murdered, and my new man is the number one suspect. Sweet Jesus! This is so much to handle until I can hardly tell the story.  Read More

Captivated By Stacy-Deane

Blog Diva - Friday, March 07, 2014

New Release: Captivated (Book 2 in the Bruised Series)

Genre: Interracial Romantic Suspense

Release Date: March 1, 2014

Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press


When she first lays eyes on Mya Riley’s slashed up body, Baltimore Detective Lisa Swanson is certain that the Sandman, a ruthless serial killer from her past has reemerged. Lisa dives headfirst into the case with her partner Dee, and lovesick Winston Lewis, a detective who grows more captivated with Lisa by the day.

The Sandman wreaks bloodthirsty havoc throughout the city, and this time he is determined to make Lisa his victim.

Armed with intense hatred for the Sandman and a stifling fear of who might end up dead next, Lisa struggles to solve the case by the book. But when the Sandman switches up his plan and goes after her lover Jake…Lisa ignores all the rules. Read More

Blackness Takes Over By Norma Jeanne Karlsson

Blog Diva - Friday, February 28, 2014

When Dylan Kellerman enters Shannon’s life he changes its course in more ways than one. He gives her hope and promise of a future she was convinced wasn’t attainable. Just as she begins to believe she has finally turned her life into something she can build a future on…blackness takes over.

Blackness Takes Over centers on relationships as a whole, not just romantic involvement. How those relationships grow and develop lead to the love and desire found in Shannon and Dylan’s relationship. Here’s an excerpt where Shannon goes to her first college party at the home of three (soon to be) friends.

As I make my way gradually through the crowd I grip my clutch (hiding my gun) tightly to my side. My gun is my safety net…always has been. My Uncle Mick taught me to shoot when I was eight. That’s how he got me to talk after I went to live with him. It had been a month and I hadn’t said a word, so he took me out onto his land, maybe a few acres out and put a rifle in my hand. Told me to point and shoot at some targets off in the distance. I did. I hit the target on my first try.

I looked up at him smiling for the first time since my life stopped and asked, “Can I do it again?” That’s when my new life began. Read More

Kidnapped Hearts By Cait Jarrod

Blog Diva - Friday, February 21, 2014

Kidnapped Hearts Anniversary Jubilee

On sale at: Evernight Publishing

Available at

To celebrate the release of my debut book, I’m having a scavenger hunt. I will be on several blogs and sites from February 14th-23rd. will have the list and links to direct you to the next site.  Read More

Delta On My Mind by DeeAnna Galbraith

Blog Diva - Friday, February 14, 2014

You’ve known him as a friend all your life. That’s about to change.

Ever known a nice guy next door? A guy you’ve always been comfortable with? Had your back? Maybe you went to high school together and he was a little older so you hung out in different circles. He went to college two time zones away and you did the whole white gown and flowers thing with your college sweetheart.

Fast forward a dozen years. Your sweetheart wasn’t such a nice guy. In fact he was a rat in in golf clothes who enjoyed making you miserable. So you walked out and started over.

Your nice guy is back; to stay. Things just got a whole lot more interesting.

Back cover Blurb
 Read More

Deathblow By Dana Marton

Blog Diva - Friday, January 31, 2014

Heaven Save Me from Men who Think They’re God’s Gift to Women

I’ve known a guy like that when I worked as a trainer in a gym in my twenties. Boy, was he pretty to look at: big smile, white teeth, six-pack abs, charisma. Women lined up to swoon after him. They were so excited when they received his phone number, or were asked out for drinks. They had no idea that he was like that with everyone—or that he was already living with someone.

All writers use their own life experiences in their books. When Joe Kessler, small-town football hero turned hot stuff police officer, strutted onto the scene in my bestselling novel Deathscape, I was sure he was just like that guy at my old gym. In fact, here is a gym scene with Joe at the police station. Jack, the hero of Deathscape, is sitting on the mat, having just ended an unpleasant phone call:

Jack hung up on the man as Joe, one of two rookies, pushed through the door and dropped his gym bag on the floor, heading straight for the treadmill with a grin. “Fallen and you can’t get it up?” Read More

Craving Vengeance By Valerie J. Clarizio

Blog Diva - Friday, January 24, 2014

Craving Vengeance Excerpt

Chapter 1

Spinelli’s eyes popped open. He stared into the face of an angel. Was he still sleeping? How was it he had lured this beautiful creature into his life just a little over two months ago? He resisted the urge to run his fingers over her soft, milky white skin. She looked so peaceful when she slept. He would never be bored watching her sleep. Her slow even breaths mesmerized him. Was he dreaming? He almost went so far as to pinch his arm.

Shannon stirred and flipped over. Her shiny red hair spread out over her pillow like wildfire. He didn’t need the nearby streetlight peeking through the window blinds to notice her fiery hair, but it certainly helped to illuminate its zest. Spinelli reached over and skimmed his hand over her soft hair. Silky strands sifted through his fingers sending an electrical current rippling throughout his body. He debated waking her, taking her again. He nearly chuckled at the thought. When they’d first met, they couldn’t stand to be with one another, now they couldn’t stand to be apart. Cupid’s arrow struck him, hard and fast, out of nowhere. He was done, toast. Read More

Gathering Clouds By Sandra S. Kerns

Blog Diva - Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gathering Clouds, the second book in the Colorado Dreams and Desires series.

Returning to the hometown he ran away from twenty years earlier, chef and ex-con Theo DeLeon wants to work and be left alone. Unfortunately, fate doesn’t agree with him. When he’s offered the job of head chef at a restaurant, he expects it to be less about his culinary skills and more about the fact that he killed a man with one punch. Why can’t he leave his past behind?

Gabrielle needs a new chef pronto or her ex-husband might get his wish of running her out of business. She can’t let that happen. Taking a huge gamble she offers the job to an ex-con a friend recommended. Now she finds not only is her restaurant at stake, but her heart might be his next victim.  Read More

Deep In My Heart By Patricia Fischer

Blog Diva - Thursday, January 16, 2014

As a writer, one of my favorite things to create is a couple with history.

Take Dr. Jocelyn Promise and Air Force Veteran Caleb Davis, my heroine and hero from my newest release Deep in My Heart.

They weren’t high school sweethearts, honestly they were far from it. He was the sheriff’s son and all around big man on campus. She, the academic and daughter of a felon. All she wanted was to simply survive without being smothered in the social chaos that was high school, but an incident in high school sent her and her mother packing for California and Jocelyn had no intention of ever returning.

Now fifteen years later, she’d ended up back in their hometown of Tuscany, Texas with a veterinarian degree and a solid head on her shoulders.

He, retired from the military and a single father to four children.

Both are trying to recover from wounds of the past, but the funny thing about past events. The more you try and out run them, the more they seems to stay right beside you. Read More

Dance Away, Danger By Alexa Bourne

Blog Diva - Friday, January 10, 2014

When the world around us starts to close in and crush us, most of us do something to take away the stress. Some people exercise. Some people play sports. Others watch sports and have a few drinks. Even more people might go to the movies or just grab a book and read. Which do you do?

I do a lot of those activities, but what calms me like nothing else is writing. I don’t mean revising and doing edits. I mean actually putting a pen to a blank piece of paper and just writing. That simple act brings me such satisfaction and truly calms my heart. (And yes, you read that right. I handwrite all my books during the rough drafts. The more I revise the more time I spend on the computer.) Now, this may sound cheesy, but honestly, playing with ideas and discovering new secrets about characters brings so much excitement to my soul. Ask anyone who really knows me! They’ve told me once or twice that my eyes light up and my silly laugh is infectious.

Of course, I do write romantic suspense most of the time so what does it really say about me that I get so tickled with my writing? I’m excited to kill people off? Actually, yes. If I’ve had a bad day I can come home and explore various ways to torture characters. I might consider giving one of the victims the name of someone who gave me a hard time. If I’m angry, I might be in the perfect mood to write a fight scene or a chase scene. Another way writing eases my soul is by being my version of therapy. Last fall I had some medical issues arise that were a bit frightening. Rather than freak out and panic, I would often sit down with my notebook and write out my emotions. I would keep them pretty vague so that I could turn them around and later on add depth to a character. For these two ideas I don’t always have a character in mind. I just write scenes with whatever I’m feeling and then tuck those pieces of paper away in my folders. Eventually those scenes (or revised versions of them) end up in books.  Read More

The Hero's Companion By Amy Lignor

Blog Diva - Friday, December 27, 2013

Sneak Peek at Book III of ‘The Tallent & Lowery Series’
The Hero’s Companion…

“We are about to begin our descent.”

Even though she’d escaped the confines of the plane over an hour ago, the voice of the annoyingly perky flight attendant seemed to be ingrained in Leah Tallent’s mind. She was still saturated with sweat from the claustrophobic cabin; the rancid odor of the re-circulated air that smelled like the regurgitated breath of a minion from Hell still clung to her clothes.

Leah tried to shake the thoughts from her mind as she stared out the window at the new layer of snow on the fields. The blanket of ice was smothering the dark green New England countryside.

Leah was so filled with anxiety that she could barely feel Gareth Lowery’s cold, clammy hand clenched in hers. Exhaustion wracked her body as pictures flashed through her mind like snapshots from an unbelievable nightmare . . . Read More

HIJACK IN ABSTRACT by Larissa Reinhart

Blog Diva - Friday, December 13, 2013

Excerpt from HIJACK IN ABSTRACT by Larissa Reinhart

There are many places you don’t want to be at zero dark thirty, but I’ve got a personal top three. One is the ER. Second is a police station. The third is your ex-boyfriend’s bedroom.

Thank God Almighty I was not in number three. Stupid does catch me occasionally, but not this night. I was nowhere near an ex- boyfriend’s bedroom.

At two forty-five in the morning, I found myself in number two. The Forks County Sheriff’s Office to be accurate. My cornflower blues were a bit bloodshot and blurry, but my grin matched Shep Peterson’s, who also found himself in a similar location. However, Shep had a drunk tank grin. Mine was more of a self-congratulatory grin, born from knowing that finally someone in Forks County had recognized my accomplishments in the art world. Never mind the phone call that woke me from a dead sleep and near gave me a heart attack. Or that I had to drive my sister’s Firebird because her vehicle was blocking my driveway. Or that I now sat in the junior officers’ room with a cold cup of coffee and had just realized I had forgotten to comb my bed-head designed blonde cowlicks in my bleary-eyed haste. Read More

Always And Forever Love By Lynn Crandall

Blog Diva - Thursday, December 12, 2013

When we think of the winter holidays we often tend to reminisce about holiday traditions. Though there may be some variety and incorporation of new foods at the holiday meal, we seem to enjoy the comfort of sticking to traditions.

For example, my husband and I continue to hang the same ornaments on the Christmas tree, year after year, that we started decorating with when the kids, now grown, were babies and toddlers. Warm memories are summoned as we hang Baby's First Christmas ornaments. This celebration of the past is part of Christmas.

But I think I can be pretty confident in saying that as much as we may cling to the tried and true in life in general, everything changes. Life is not naturally static. And often when we try to keep things as they've been, we get stuck in ruts, because we need to grow and move on.

In Always and Forever Love, heroine Lacey Aegar has every reason to insist on the status quo in her life. She's suffered grief as a child when her father was murdered, then again when her husband, Nicholas, also was killed. But when he returned to her as an embodied spirit two years after his death, she leaned into the life she had with him like the proverbial dying man reaches for water. Her life is static and small, but no longer filled with grief. Read More

An Inner Fire By Jacki Delecki

Blog Diva - Sunday, December 01, 2013

Why an animal acupuncturist as an ass-kicking heroine? I’ve asked myself that question many times as I wrote my novel An Inner Fire. How did healing animals prepare Grayce Walters with the skills to solve crimes and protect a macho, hunky fire investigator?

Maybe I’ve been watching too many super heroine movies but I wanted to show my heroine’s strength coming from her inner force. There are many different kinds of power and I wanted to emphasize the feminine side. The part of the human brain labelled as feminine because it relies on intuition.

Grayce uses her intuitive ability to heal animals. Is there any more beautiful or potent force? Not so easy to write a strength that we can recognize but when written can easily become clichéd.  Read More

Touch Me By Kathryn Jane

Blog Diva - Friday, November 29, 2013

Excerpt from Touch Me

Telepathic abilities are a bitch and a blessing.

Grace shuddered as unbearable memories fought to surface.

She wrenched open the door and stepped into a whirling of unfamiliar energy.

Heart slamming against her ribs, she scanned the garage, saw the smooth concrete and shiny cars one would expect. She tipped her head, opened her senses, and listened carefully.

Nothing. Just nerves, she thought. Must beat the panic. Stay in control. Get to the car. Read More

Love And Murder In Red Satin By Karalee Long

Blog Diva - Friday, November 15, 2013

It was eight thirty after she’d brushed and flossed her teeth, showered, dressed, put on a little makeup, and combed her hair. Taking a deep breath, she went downstairs.

Greg was in the kitchen with his head stuck in the refrigerator. Straightening, he turned to her, still holding the door open. Fully dressed, he had that lock of hair hanging on his forehead, and day-old whiskers shadowed his face. His dark eyes assessed her.

Was he waiting for her to banish the awkwardness of the almost morning after? Or was he as uncertain as she was about how to proceed after their steamy interlude in the middle of the night?

“Hungry?” She tried to sound unaffected. Read More

Hell Or High Water By Jerrie Alexander

Blog Diva - Friday, November 08, 2013


Thanks to his surveillance of the compound over the past few days, he knew where he'd find the woman. He moved through the large kitchen and headed up the stairs. He paused at the landing. Shit. Gorilla Guy's twin stood outside the hostage's door. Ty stepped into the hall and cleared his throat. Before the man turned, the SOG was airborne. It seated in the man's chest with a soft thump. The last person between the target and the woman's freedom slid to the floor.

Ty retrieved his knife, dragged the heavy body away from the door, and quickly moved to the figure next to the metal headboard.

Ana Cisneros stood close to the window. Craning her neck to see outside, she was unaware he'd entered the room. With no time for introduction, he reached around and clamped his hand over her mouth.

As expected, he'd startled her. She fought, slinging her body back and forth like a wet dog. She kicked at him, so he whirled her around and jerked her body snug against his.  Read More

Waiting For Wren By Cate Beauman

Blog Diva - Friday, November 01, 2013

When the past and present collide…

Wren Cooke has everything she’s ever wanted—a thriving career as one of LA’s top interior designers and a home she loves. Business trips, mockups, and her demanding clientele keep her busy, almost too busy to notice Ethan Cooke Security’s gorgeous Close Protection Agent, Tucker Campbell.

Jaded by love and relationships in general, Wren wants nothing to do with the hazel-eyed stunner and his heart-stopping grins, but Tucker is always in her way. When Wren suddenly finds herself bombarded by a mysterious man’s unwanted affections, she’s forced to turn to Tucker for help.

As Wren’s case turns from disturbing to deadly, Tucker whisks her away to his mountain home in Utah. Haunted by memories and long-ago tragedies, Tucker soon realizes his past and Wren’s present are colliding. With a killer on the loose and time running out, Tucker must discover a madman’s motives before Wren becomes his next victim.  Read More

Forewarning By Kate Wyland

Blog Diva - Friday, October 18, 2013

How did you come up with your story?

Every writer has had someone ask them that question. Where did it come from? Why did you write it? And so on…

I’ve always loved reading; it was my way to escape school and family hassles. I used to daydream a lot too, creating fanciful stories in my head. Occasionally I even wrote them down. But as an adult, even though I wanted to write fiction (made my living writing technical manuals), I never felt I had something to say. Finally about ten years ago, I found my voice. I decided to write about two things I know a fair amount about—horses and using energy to heal. Horses are easy. They’ve been a life-long passion. I started riding when I was three and have done a great variety of horse-related activities. As for energetic healing, I came to that modality as a patient, then discovered I have some ability in the area. So, while not trained, I have learned a lot about using alternative healing methods. Read More

Romance Super Bundle By Lois Winston

Blog Diva - Friday, October 11, 2013

Talk About Clueless!
Some people write a book, send it off to an agent, and within a week are deciding between several lucrative offers. It does happen. Rarely. For most of us, going from unpublished wannabe to published author is a long and arduous process. Most of us, myself included, start out totally clueless about the world of publishing.
Once upon a time, eighteen years ago, I had a dream. We all dream, but I’m one of those people who hardly ever remembers her dreams. Not this time. This dream was incredibly vivid. It starred people I didn’t know. I had no idea why my subconscious was dwelling on these strangers. Yet night after night their story unfolded like the chapters of a book.
I’m not one of those authors who knew from a very young age that I wanted to grow up to write books. I hadn’t written any fiction since my freshman year of college when we all had to take a semester of Freshman Comp. I had enjoyed writing throughout junior high and high school but never considered it a career choice. Read More

Undercover Lover By Jamie K. Schmidt

Blog Diva - Friday, September 20, 2013


We are having the weirdest weather in Connecticut. We had record high temperatures in the nineties yesterday. The air quality was so bad, I was afraid to go outside—even with my inhaler. Now, tomorrow night it’s going to drop down to thirty degrees.

I’m hot. I’m cold. It’s like a Katy Perry song. I had to drag my son’s spare comforter out and wrap it around me because all my stuff is still in the attic. Luckily, I like Thomas the Tank Engine. I just put my flip flops away, kicking and screaming.

I think publishing is a lot like New England weather. I’ve self published. I’ve gone with small presses. And I have a November release coming out with Entangled Publishing in November and a contemporary romance series coming out with Random House in summer 2014. So I’ve run the gamut of highs and lows. Self publishing was like screaming into the Grand Canyon while wearing earplugs—I couldn’t hear my own echo. The small presses, I learned how to promote myself a little better and with the larger presses, I took what I learned and built on their marketing strategies. Read More

Dangerous Flames By Wendy Ely

Blog Diva - Friday, August 23, 2013

This is a true story. I swear. When I was busy writing Confessions, another character popped into my head. Her name was Gabrielle Felice Medini. Okay, I thought, that's easy enough as soon as I'm done writing the rough draft of my current book. What happened next? The idea that Gabi is the daughter of a Mafia boss formed. Just great. So... I had a make-believe conversation with Gabi.

Me: Gabi, you're an awesome character to write, but you can't have any ties to the mob. Read More

The King By Steven James

Blog Diva - Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Keys to Creativity

Lately I’ve been thinking about creativity, secrets to how it works and how to make it work better for me. Here are a few keys to creativity that have helped me come up with ideas for my novels.  

Explore Your L.I.F.E.
When you don’t know where else to turn, explore L.I.F.E., an acronym for Literature, Imagination, Folklore, and Experience. L.I.F.E. is a limitless well of ideas waiting to be tapped into.  Read More

Out Of The Night By Geri Foster

Blog Diva - Friday, August 09, 2013

My First RomCon® Conference
I’d heard so much about RomCon® before I even signed up for the conference that I thought I’d pretty much had a handle on the situation. Not the case, at all! The whole experience was bigger, better and more AMAZING than I’d expected.

I walked into the hotel, checked my bags and set off for the wild blue yonder. And I was like a child in a candy store. I wanted to do everything, I wanted to take part in everything, and I wanted to immerse myself in the whole experience. The people running the conference were first class! They helped me so much I have to send them my thanks.

I immediately ran into many familiar writers that were either in my chapters, or authors I’d met at other conferences. That was very reassuring. I knew if these savvy ladies were there, I was pretty close to the action, and at the right place. Read More

Pushed To The Edge By Loren Mathis

Blog Diva - Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello RomCon® Readers!

I’m Loren Mathis and I’m a new romantic suspense author. I grew up in a rural town in eastern NC. I went to college at UNC. I started writing my first novel, Pushed to the Edge, during my last year of law school. I am grateful that I’m now able to pursue my dream as a writer, and to share the characters who roam around my head with you.

Pushed to the Edge is my debut novel, and the first novel in my “SEAL Team 14” series. It will be a ten book series and focuses on an elite group of U.S. Navy SEALs. Read More

Sour Cherry By Nichole Severn

Blog Diva - Friday, June 21, 2013

My first night in the safe house turned out to be a disaster.

One twin-sized bed.

Two people.

One of which couldn’t keep her damn hands to herself.

That would be me. Read More

Rescued From The Dark By Lynda Kay Frazier

Blog Diva - Friday, May 31, 2013

I’m Lynda Kay Frazier and an avid reader of romantic suspense. I started writing about a year ago after a vivid dream. I know, sounds cliché, but that’s how it started.  I work full time at a Cardiology clinic, then at night you will find me in front of my computer working on my next story.

Rescued from the Dark, is my first full length novel, and the first in my Guardians of Hope series. It will be an eight book series made up of Special Ops, Navy Seals and FBI Agents who are sanctioned by the government to do rescues they can’t or are not able to do due to restrictions.  Read More

Relentless By Winter Austin

Blog Diva - Friday, May 24, 2013

Creating a Tortured Cop

Writing about cops has been a passion of mine. Writing about a cop who reluctantly falls in love is a topic of deep interest to me. The fact there is a Romantic Suspense/Thriller genre for me to write in makes it better. I've spent years gleaning, researching, and consulting men and women who work or worked in law enforcement to make my detective character as realistic as fictionally possible.

The main character of my series Degrees of Darkness, Detective Remy LeBeau could be considered a cops cop, but he has seen a side of the job that leaves him seriously jaded. He might do his work within the confines of the law, but when pushed far enough he can cross the line. He trusts no one and keeps his partner at arm’s length. Remy has seen enough evil brought about by humans on other humans that he's lost faith in the goodness of people. He walks a fine line between the psychological stages of disenchantment and full-blown cynicism. Read More

Truth and Humility By J.A. Dennam

Blog Diva - Friday, May 17, 2013

Dennam's Cave

This blog post was going to be all about writing action scenes. Because Chapter 12 of my current work-in-progress -- where I was when I created this document -- is loaded with it. But I am deep in the druthers of my writing cave and have procrastinated all the way to Chapter 17.

It was extremely hard for me to stick my nose outside my story and commit to this blog post. I have burrowed in deep for the duration. This is the problem with writing for me. I can start a story and put it down for a day or two while life intervenes. I can even make it to Chapter 5 without compromising my schedule. It's tough, but responsibilities still... Read More

Crisis Of Identity By Denise Moncrief

Blog Diva - Friday, May 10, 2013

Last night, after I had spent a long day with a stubborn geriatric convalescent, I opened my work in progress and began to get back into the story. I hadn’t written anything new all day and I was in some major withdrawal. My fingers itched to tap out more riveting plot. As I sat down and opened my Mac, it smacked me right between the eyes. I still hadn’t decided who my villain was and the obvious choice had literally been right at my fingertips all along. I should have sighed with relief, but I had a big problem. I had written this character too nice. Yeah, that’s right. The villain had too many redeeming character traits. So what’s a writer to do? Of course, I had to go back and scan my manuscript looking for places where I needed to nasty him up. After that, the plot began to shine with the sparkle of suspense that had been lacking. Read More

Rescued From The Dark By Lynda Kay Frazier

Blog Diva - Friday, April 19, 2013

I’m Lynda Kay Frazier and an avid reader of romantic suspense. I started writing about a year ago after a vivid dream. I know, sounds cliché, but that’s how it started.  I work full time at a Cardiology clinic, then at night you will find me in front of my computer working on my next story.

Rescued from the Dark, is my first full length novel, and the first in my Guardians of Hope series. It will be an eight book series made up of Special Ops, Navy Seals and FBI Agents who are sanctioned by the government to do rescues they can’t or are not able to do due to restrictions.  Read More

Rose Of Steel By Sandra S. Kerns

Blog Diva - Friday, April 12, 2013

I’m Sandra S. Kerns and I want to welcome you to my version of Writing Right 101.

No this blog post is not worth 3 college credits, sorry.

I’m sure you’ve all heard every rule there is for writing. I mean, really, we all went to grade school where they start you on the never ending road to sentence structure, grammar, and rules (read as the current opinion of the literary world) on everything written.

Don’t panic this blog post is also not a test to see which of you remember what the present form of a past participle is. Is there such a thing? Read More

Slow Burn By Anne Marsh

Blog Diva - Friday, April 05, 2013

Exclusive Excerpt from Slow Burn, by Anne Marsh

The elite of the wildland firefighters, smoke jumpers parachute into the very heart of the smoke and flames. The first and last line of defense between small town Northern California and the fires that burn there every summer, the smoke jumpers are protectors to their core, putting their lives on the line with every jump. Hard-bodied, rough around the edges, and absolutely determined to do whatever it takes to hold the line between the wildfires and civilization, smoke jumpers are the ultimate bad boys of summer who ride into town to protect and defend—and leave as soon as the flames are out. Sometimes, though, those flames aren’t natural. This summer, there’s a serial arsonist burning up Strong... and he just might be a fellow firefighter.

I’m thrilled share this exclusive excerpt from Slow Burn, my second Smoke Jumpers book from Kensington Brava. Read More

A Matter Of Trust By Sandy Loyd

Blog Diva - Friday, March 29, 2013

Hi! I’m SO excited to be back. Thank you, Karen and RomComInc, for hosting me today.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Sandy Loyd. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City and consider myself a Western girl through and through. Though I love the west, I didn’t stay there as long as I wanted to. My job in sales meant extensive traveling and relocating. I’ve worked and lived in some of the most fabulous places in the US, including South Florida. I now call the blue grass state of Kentucky home, where I write full time. I will admit that as much as I love Louisville, I miss the Wasatch Mountains in Utah and need to go back to my roots to get my mountain fix at least once a year. It helps refresh my muse and keeps me writing.

To date, I’ve published eight books with several in the works. The first four are contemporary romances set in the Bay Area of San Francisco or the Florida Keys. I’ve also published four Romantic Suspense novels. A Matter of Trust is my latest and one that I loved writing.  Read More

Gemini Rain By Lj McEvoy

Blog Diva - Friday, March 22, 2013

So What Exactly Have I Let Myself In For..?

Well, this is it! This is what I’ve done, making trouble for myself yet again.

I contemplated using an excerpt from my book, of which I love every single word, paragraph and chapter (I know I’m biased). But choosing which part proved harder than sitting down and writing what I wanted to say, how to express my excitement, my joy and my boldness in actually publishing a book. “Who has the audacity?” I constantly asked myself. Well actually when I did the research, perhaps I wasn’t so brave after all. I now feel I’ve joined a worldwide club called “indie authors” and it’s fantastic - a collection of artistic people who, in previous years, would have never got passed the ‘in-box tray’ of a publishing house. Read More

Careful What You Wish For By Paula Millhouse

Blog Diva - Friday, March 15, 2013

“How did you come up with that idea?”

When I wrote my first novel, I wanted to focus on a strong female lead stopping bad guys from doing bad things. I stumbled upon INTERPOL’s website. Scary! Amidst the fright of looking at the FBI’s Most Wanted List, a visceral reaction hit me. My terrified brain asked: What if an author got caught up in a bad guy’s web?

BAM – A novel was born. CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…

Evie Longfellow showed up for work the next day. She introduced herself as an up-and-coming author in New York City. Problem was, Evie wanted more out of life – she wanted a husband and a family. No shrinking violet’s allowed.

She agreed to a blind date with the wrong guy. One of the most nefarious serial killers in the mafia, Paulie Marino picked Evie as his 16th victim.  Read More

An Eye For Danger By Christine M. Fairchild

Blog Diva - Friday, March 01, 2013

Creating Sexy Heroes, Inside & Out

What makes a hero sexy really depends on the reader, not the author. As the author, I can choose what is sexy to me, but I'm one person. If I choose what's sexy to readers, that's thousands of folks who get a dose of yummy!

So while my hero, Sam Fields, in my Romantic Suspense An Eye For Danger is definitely sexy to me, I used various traits to help him be sexy to you, the reader. Sure, I made him tall, muscular and tough, with all-American handsome features akin to a guy in an Outdoor magazine article. He's that rough-around the collar cop with a wicked sense of humor. A man even other men would want to have a beer with. Read More

Defiant By P.J. O'Dwyer

Blog Diva - Wednesday, February 13, 2013


When love turns deadly, the beloved play dead.

Western Maryland farm girl Kate Fallon wanted more than horse pastures. Now a trial lawyer in the affluent Annapolis law arena and married to multi-millionaire Jack Reynolds, also the U. S. Attorney of Maryland, she’s got it all—at least everyone thinks so.

Behind closed doors, Jack is as cruel as he is intelligent, as controlling as he is handsome. When his tirades turn physical, Kate must fight for her life. But her efforts to leave him will take her down a rabbit hole to secrets she doesn’t fully understand, and that Jack will kill to suppress.

Two years later, Kate’s keeping secrets of her own. Living as Charlie Robertson, a take-no-crap general contractor, she’s secure most days knowing her nightmare is right where she left him—two thousand miles due east under FBI scrutiny. Wielding a nail gun instead of a briefcase suits her, as does the small mining town of Creede, Colorado. With its scenic views and open spaces, life is simple and so are her rules: Lock all doors, check for signs she’s been followed, and don’t get involved romantically ever again.  Read More

Necessary Detour by Kim Hornsby

Blog Diva - Friday, February 08, 2013

Confessions of a Rock Star...Smoke and Mirrors

I am a rock star. (So are you, but more on that at the end.)

Although I used to sing in bands, had an international infomercial and opened for Jamie Foxx, Jay Leno and Maya Angelou, I now write novels. The days of leather pants and sidling up to the guitar player while he executes his guitar solo are over. Thank goodness. You’ve heard the phrase smoke and mirrors? Most rock stars are actually quite normal, lovely people, and I can tell you first hand that they all try to achieve a degree of normalcy after the initial ‘I’m so full of myself’ stage wears off. I sang in a rock band when I was in my early twenties but soon changed to pop music and later jazz and then theater. But, I hung around enough famous musicians over the years to know that the illusion of the rock star is just that. An illusion. At least for the older ones. Read More

Reflection By Kim Cresswell

Blog Diva - Friday, February 01, 2013

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

This is the most asked question of authors, especially suspense, thriller, and mystery authors.

My ideas come from many different places such as movies, conversations and experiences to name a few.

Occasionally, an idea smacks me in the side of the head. Such is the case with a book I'm working on, a supernatural mystery. The idea came from a terrifying dream—the perfect scenario for the story's villain, a serial killer.

I don’t always use ideas right away. I keep an “idea” folder on my computer and it grows every day. When I'm ready to start a new book I scan the contents and bang a plot begins to emerge.

I watch the news, read the paper, and search the Internet looking for interesting stories that make me ask the question, “What if?” Read More

Serial Games By K. Victoria Chase

Blog Diva - Friday, January 04, 2013

Special Sneak Peak of Serial Games: Virginia Justice Book One

Maggie recalled how close Deckker stood next to Brandon when she mentioned the vehicle likely linked to Burrows. Maggie bit her lip. She also recalled how Brandon didn't edge away from her either. He sat in the chair, relaxed, and un-intimidated. Brandon was a hunter and Deckker was a huntress. They would work well together, not only on the job but also in life. Read More

Deceptions Of The Heart By Denise Moncrief

Blog Diva - Friday, December 21, 2012

My name is Denise Moncrief, and I live in Louisiana with one husband, two children, and one very chubby canine. My family not only endures my writing moods, but also encourages me to indulge my writing passion. An accountant by day and a writer of romantic suspense by night, I lead a very busy and joyous life. I’ve been writing off and on since I was seventeen, and with several stories already published, I have no desire to slow down. Read More

Rafael By K. Victoria Chase

Blog Diva - Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Special Sneak Peak of Rafael:
The Santiago Brothers Book One

Winters’ gaze tightened on Rafa. Genie’s throat went dry. He wouldn’t blame Rafa for what happened, would he? Would Lieutenant Winters ship him back to California?  Read More

The Sin Factor By Sandy Loyd

Blog Diva - Friday, November 30, 2012

Hi! I’m SO excited to be here. Thank you, Karen and RomComInc, for inviting me today. Believe it or not, this is my first time blogging and I am jazzed to have this opportunity to introduce myself.

I consider myself a Western girl through and through. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City. I have had the opportunity to work and live in some fabulous places in the US, including South Florida. I now call Kentucky home, where I write full time. I will admit that as much as I love my current hometown, I miss the mountains and need to go back to my roots to get my mountain fix at least once a year.  Read More

The Delphi Bloodline by Donna Del Oro

Blog Diva - Friday, October 12, 2012

Interview of Athena, the Modern-day descendant of the Bloodline

THE DELPHI BLOODLINE: A smart, romantic thriller about an ancient bloodline of psychic women, the ruthless tycoon who wants to enslave them, the mysterious man who wants to protect them, and the modern-day descendant who must fight to stay alive and free!

Interviewer: You’re twenty-six, a lovely young woman and an acclaimed artist. Has it been difficult to maintain a low profile as a gifted psychic and heir of the Delphi Bloodline?  Read More

Dead Reckoning by CJ Snyder

Blog Diva - Thursday, September 06, 2012

I wanted to share with you today an excerpt from my second book, Dead Reckoning. Enjoy! --CJ

Seven Years Ago

“He’s here.”

Mykael tried not to react to the icy shiver of his words echoing along her spine.

“How do you know?”

“I know.”

“Where?” Peter glanced at the only entrance to their shelter. 

“There.  He’ll wait for me to come out.” 

She knew he saw the terror in her eyes when he looked back, saw him try to take back the words. 

“Maybe I’m wrong, Maria.”

“You aren’t wrong.”

“We don’t know it’s him.”  Read More