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Want to become a reviewer?

If you love reading romance, then you've come to the right place! 

RomCon is offering the opportunity for prolific readers to receive free books in exchange for an honest review. We ask that you please review a title within one month of receiving it. If we need it reviewed sooner, we will let you know.

We require honest and genuine reviews. We base our reviews on a five-star system, but a five star review means that the story is your absolute favorite and that you would read it again. Reviews should include what you liked (or didn't) about the book. For example: Did it make you feel anything? Could you relate to the characters? Was something missing from the book? Did the characters motivations make sense? 

If you are interested in being a RomCon Reviewer, then please email us at and let us know what genres you love (or completely dislike) reading. We compile an active list of reviewers with their preferences to determine who to send books out to.

All books that are received are in PDF format. You can always read PDF on your computer and often can also read it on your eReader device and phone.

If you are an active blogger and want to share your RomCon review on your blog, then we ask that you please include the following disclaimer: "This review was originally posted to RomCon."


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