The Latest in RomCon® Advertising

Offering publishers and authors multiple marketing options to fit every budget.

Sidebar Advertising

Sidebar advertisements are 200x300 and run for one month. You can supply a book cover or another book related advertisement for consideration. All ads must be approved by RomCon staff.

Pricing is $30/week or $100/month.

Blog Post

Sale Books (99 cents or less) is $10/post.

If you would like us to feature your full-price book (or any title costing more than 99 cents), the cost is $25/per post. 

Deals Post

In addition to offering blog posts, we also offer a "Deals & Giveaways" section on our blog. This is where we feature eBooks that are on sale, free, or if you have a giveaway that you would like to share. The cost of a deals post is $15. We feature your book cover or a sale graphic and a link to the book/giveaway. It does not include the blurb or other detailed info like a blog post would contain.

Freebie Newsletter Sign-Up

Do you want your romance book offered for one month as a free download when new romance readers subscribe to RomCon Deals or our general RomCon newsletter? For $100/month we offer your book to our newest readers (RomCon Deals OR RomCon Newsletter). They sign up and instantly receive a version to download. You will need to submit a PDF version for sharing.

Newsletter Advertising

We recommend your book being on sale or for FREE to maximize sales. Unlike many bargain newsletters, our newsletter doesn't go out daily. We focus on only one book in the newsletter and are selective for our readers. Pricing for newsletter advertising is $500.

Editorial Reviews

For information on our editorial reviews, please visit our submissions page.

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