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WOMEN OF THE SEA by Lisa A. Olech

Michele Callahan - Tuesday, November 24, 2015

WOMEN OF THE SEA by Lisa A. Olech
In researching my new pirate novel, Within A Captain’s Hold, I was fascinated with the number of female pirates throughout history. These bad-ass, tough-as-hardtack women fought and pillaged throughout the Golden Age of Piracy and beyond. Some captained huge fleets and ruled thousands of men. I’ve based my heroines after several of these captivating women.

Two of the most famous women pirates were Anne Bonney and Mary Reed. Anne could only be described at passionate, violent, and adventurous when she teamed up with her lover Calico Jack to pirate the Caribbean. Soon Mary Reed joined their crew, and the trio was a brutal force until their arrest. 

But unlike Calico Jack, neither Anne nor Mary ever hung for their crimes. It is thought that Anne’s wealthy father ransomed her out of prison, and it is believed that she married a Charleston man, raised nine children—two of which had been fathered by Calico Jack—and lived well into her eighties. 

Now Mary Reed was probably the most famous cross-dressing pirate.

Her parents dressed her and raised her as a boy, and she live a great deal of her life disguised as a man. She even joined and fought in the army until her ship was captured by Calico Jack and Anne Bonney and she joined their merry crew. Seems she caught the wandering eye of Anne Bonney and her true identity was soon discovered. The two quickly became BFFs! Read More

Revealing the Last Tisdale By Jessica Jefferson

Blog Diva - Tuesday, November 24, 2015

She opened the door to the library and peeked outside, Mr. St. Regis hovering above her shoulder so closely, that she could feel his warm breath. The hall was empty, but it wouldn’t be for long. The guests would be departing soon. She closed the door again and turned around.

“Now, where’s your bedroom?”

Jason gave her a smile worthy of the devil himself. “I thought you’d never ask.”
She pursed her lips together. There was a number of guest rooms in the home and she wasn’t about to knock door-to-door looking for an empty one. “Hardly the time Mr. St. Regis, now which bedroom does my mother have you in?”

“On the third floor at the end of the hall.”

She thought for a moment. “On the left?”

“My left or yours?”

She rolled her eyes. “I suppose we’ll find it, let’s just hurry up and get upstairs before we’re seen.”

“I love a woman who gets right to the point.”

“Enough!” Rose hissed, poking a finger into his chest. “If you don’t stop this, I’m going to drop you off in the middle of the drawing room and let you fend for yourself. I promise, in your state, you’ll find yourself betrothed in a matter of minutes.”

It took everything she had not to crack a smile. The truth was, she enjoyed the banter. It was easy to see why he had the reputation he did, words came easily to him. She’d never been much of a flirt, and had never really been the target of such flirtation either. Truth be told, when a gentleman approached, she sought refuge. But there was something about this man that made conversation come easier. Too easy. Read More

Meet the Couple from An Honorable Wish by Eileen Richards

Michele Callahan - Thursday, November 19, 2015

Meet the Couple from An Honorable Wish by Eileen Richards

Remember the movie When Harry Met Sally? Scattered through out that movie were these interviews of couples on how they met and how long they were together. I thought it would be fun to do that sort of interview, but regency style... sort of.

So, if I may, I would like to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Tony Matthews, our couple from An Honorable Wish, book two of the series A Lady’s Wish.   Read More

The Surprise Brides

Blog Diva - Thursday, November 19, 2015


Turning her back to the room, she unbuttoned her jacket and hung the garment on the back of the wooden rocking chair. The room they occupied tonight belonged to Jamie’s son, Jake. The furnishings consisted of a double bed with an iron head and foot boards that were painted white, a small light wood dresser, and a commode of matching wood.
Next she took off her skirt and actually sighed. The release of pressure around her middle felt amazing. She’d expanded to the point of barely fastening the buttons at the waist and she’d redone the waist band and button as many times as she could. She would have to start wearing her blouses untucked.

“Gideon, I don’t have any clothes to wear as I increase. Will you be embarrassed if I wear my blouses untucked so I can hide the fact that my skirt does not button all the way to the waist?” She felt heat in her cheeks and her hands were getting moist.

“No, but why don’t we ask Mama if she can’t help. Maybe she can show you how to move the buttons so you have more room.”

Having already made those changes, she knew that wouldn’t work but talking to his mother did seem like a good idea. Ruby removed the remainder of her clothes, crossed her one arm her belly, one arm over her breast and ran for the bed.

Gideon caught her and brought her flush with his also naked body, her back to his chest.
He turned her in his arms so he could see her. “Don’t hide from me. I told you I want to know you. Especially since you are increasing, I want to see you. I want to know the baby and watch him or her grow within you.”

She swallowed against a dry throat. His member was rigid between them and Gideon was very well formed. John had not been as endowed.

With his hands on her shoulders, Gideon guided her to the bed. Read More

The CEO Buys in By Nancy Herkness

Blog Diva - Thursday, November 12, 2015

Excerpt from THE CEO BUYS IN, Wager of Hearts Book 1

“At this hour of the night, I’m betting it’s a woman.”

Nathan looked up to see who the dark-haired man at the bar was talking to.

“I know what his problem is.” The bar patron tilted his head toward the blond man in the corner. “He threw an interception with five seconds to go against the Patriots.”

The alcohol had lubricated the connections in Nathan’s brain, so with that hint, he could identify the broad-shouldered drinker as Luke Archer, longtime quarterback for the New York Empire. You couldn’t go anywhere in New York City without seeing his face on a billboard. Archer ignored both of them.

The bar stool occupant took another swig of his bourbon and brought his gaze back to Nathan. “So am I right?”

“I don’t see that it’s any of your business,” Nathan said.

The other man laughed. “Everything’s my business. I’m a writer.”

Nathan scowled. The last thing he needed was to appear as an item in some gossip column. He relaxed when he remembered this was the Bellwether Club, where the dress code was laid-back but confidentiality was strictly enforced. A lot of high-level business deals got done within the thick walls of the club’s tall brownstone. Probably a lot of government deals too, but he wasn’t privy to those. Didn’t want to be.

“What do you write?” he asked, to turn the conversation back on his overly talkative
fellow drinker. Read More



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